Six Things to Look for In A Free Video Download Site

There are hundreds of online video downloader tools, and if you want to save videos from the web, it can be exceedingly difficult for you.

In today’s post, we will tell you about the features of a reliable video downloader tool. These features are the things that you must look for in a tool while you are choosing one.

Before we tell you about the six things that you must look for in a tool and some examples, we want you to know that downloading video content from YouTube and other sources may or may not be legal, so you must go through the copyrights of the video.

Six Things you should look for in a free video downloader website!

Out of hundreds of features and options in a video downloader tool, we have listed the useful and the must-have ones below.

  1. Clean and friendly interface!

The interface of a website decides whether a user would connect with it or not. Fussy and complicated interfaces are rejected by the traffic coming on the web, and so if you want a website that is easy on the eyes, you must look for the one with a fuss-free and clutter-free interface. A user-friendly interface is the basic requirement of users from a website, and if you cannot find that, you would face a lot of issues in the use of the tool/website. You must look for a downloader that has all the options and features listed on its main page.

  • Supports all common formats!

There are billions of videos published on different platforms on the web. All these videos belong to a different format and resolutions, so obviously, you cannot save all of them with a tool that caters to the downloading of only one format. You should always look for a tool that can easily support all the common formats. This kind of video downloader tool would help you save content in video and audio formats. If you want to extract sound from a clip, then this feature would come in handy. There are only a few video downloaders’ tools that are equipped with this feature.

  • Ability to download videos in different resolutions!

This is another feature that you must look for in an online video downloader tool. A tool that can download video clips in multiple resolutions can help you get content in your desired quality. For instance, if you want to enjoy high-quality resolutions, you need to hang up with a tool that can save 4k and 8k qualities.

  • Smart downloading feature!

This is another important thing that you must look for in an online video downloader. The smart downloading feature comes in handy if you want to hook up with the downloader tool on a long-term basis. The smart mode of a video downloader tool would save a lot of your time and effort in saving videos from the web as it would automatically save clips from your favorite channels and automatically manage your playlists.

  • Downloading batches/playlists!

This is another useful feature that you must look for in a downloader tool. If you are short on time and want to save as many clips as possible on one go for your journey/trip, this feature would help you. A tool having the batch downloading feature can help you save dozens of clips in one go. There are only a few video downloaders’ tools that can help you save complete batches.

  • Customization of downloads!

This feature is also especially important for so many reasons. You would find dozens of tools that would help you save content in your desired quality and format, but only a handful of them can help you customize your downloaded content. This option of the tool would help you in customizing and organizing the video content.

You should also try and look for tools that are free and secure to use.


There are many more things that you must look for in a video downloader, but the above-listed features are the important ones that you must religiously focus on. If you do not want to find the downloader tools having all these features manually, then do not worry. We have listed out a couple of them below:

  • The SmallSeoTools online video downloader is a free service where you can find all the features listed above.
  • The 4k video downloader tool is another good example of the tools which have all the important features.
  • The video downloader tool by video proc also has endless features and is also famous for its speed.

If you want to dig more about saving/downloading videos from the web and using the best video downloader tools, we would suggest you hang on with us and get all the useful and fresh information for free!