Apple Updates Privacy Policy Page to Make it More Easier to Understand

We all have been guilty of accepting the privacy policy of an app or online services without reading a single line. Privacy Policy pages are designed that way to make it harder and boring for users to read. It often contains text and hard to understand words to make it complicated for an average user to that point that most users just skip the privacy policy page altogether. The structure of a typical privacy policy is intended to burry down the important information from an average user. Apple is set to challenge that industry-wide practice. Apple has always been vocal about its privacy features and how they don’t collect or sale users’ data for profit. It can be seen with many Apple products lately. Products and services such as Sign In with Apple, Safari Browser’s anti-tracking features, iOS 13 privacy features, and more.

Apple is proud of its robust privacy features and wants to show people how they respect users’ privacy. So, to do that, Apple has updated its privacy policy page. The new updated looks more like a product page than the boring text-only privacy policy of most companies. Apple has made privacy policy as easy to understand as possible.

It uses just a few words to describe how each app uses your data and protects your privacy. If you want to know more, you can click on the ‘More‘ icon to read short two paragraphs about the specific app or service. If you still want to dive deep into each app how it collects and process your data to keep your privacy safe, there is a ‘Features’ tab. The features tab talks about privacy in depth while keeping it interesting and easy to understand. We have to give Apple credit for using easy to understand words and breaking each part into small pieces so that an average user can also understand.

Apple Privacy Policy

The first sentence on Apple’s updated privacy policy is, “Privacy is a fundamental human right.” This is so bold of Apple, especially when every other company is trying to bank on users’ data. Apple is openly stating that users’ data is personal to the user, and no other person should have access to those data.

With this new Privacy Policy site redesigned, Apple hasn’t introduced or made changes to its privacy policy. It just made it easier for users to understand how Apple is respecting users’ privacy. Unlike other companies, Apple is leveraging its strong privacy policy feature to attract new customers.

I honestly believe Apple is a very good company if you want a product that respects your privacy. What do you think of this new move by Apple? Do you agree when I say we need other companies to follow Apple to make their privacy policy more transparent and user-friendly? I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Please share this post on your social media wall, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.