Best Free eBook Torrents Sites to Download Books For Free Online

Looking for eBook torrent sites to download free books online? Well, you stumbled upon the right article. Reading books is the best thing you can do to improve your own knowledge, stress reduction, and memory improvements. Reading books has many positive effects on a human being and rarely any adverse effects. Every successful people would suggest you read some kind of book. Now technology has made reading books much more accessible and convenient. You can carry hundreds if not thousands of books on your phone that can fit in your palms. This is called an eBook, a digital book that you can store in your phone, computer, or other electronic storage devices and read them off of your phone or computer. You don’t need to carry physical books with you anymore. A smartphone is enough to access hundreds of books at any time, anywhere.

Best free ebook torrent download sites

eBooks also make sense from environmental prospectives. You don’t need to cut trees to produce papers to print books anymore. An eBook is also very cheap too but compared to physical books. Because eBooks are digital copies, you can download books without needing to pay for the book. In this article, we will talk about the best book sites where you can download eBook torrent sites. From the title of this post, you might have guessed that this article is focused on eBook download sites which are based on torrent technology.

Top Free eBook Download Sites to Download ePUB and PDF Books Online

Both ePUB and PDF are the most popular eBook file formats that most app supports. In this post, we will focus on book torrent sites where you can download both PDF and ePUB ebook torrents for free.

1. FreeBookSpot

freebookspot- top ebook torrent download

FreeBookSpot is one of the best free ebook torrent sites where you can download any books online for free. The website has a huge collection of books in all popular categories. Some estimates that FreeBookSpot has over 100,000 downloadable books. You can download books from groups like Architecture, Novel, Biography, Biology, Engineering, Cooking, Economy, Fictional, History, and more. This site doesn’t host any book on its server; instead, it points you to direct downloadable links from where you can download that book easily. You don’t need to log in or register to download any ePUB or PDF books. However, you have the option to log in if you want to keep track of all your downloads.

Another feature that we found very helpful is its powerful search engine. You can search for any book by its title, author name, ISBN number, and language. This makes it very easy to search and find a particular book. FreeBookSpot is no doubt one of the best eBook torrents download sites for free books.

2. WikiBooks

WikiBooks - ePib, PDF books download online free

If the layout of Wikibooks reminds you of Wikipedia then, that is because WikiBooks is part of the Wikimedia project which also owns Wikipedia. WikiBooks is a legal ebook site that has over 12000 books in all major world languages. At Wikibooks, you can download many awards winning and all-time popular books from well-known authors. You can search for your book by book title, author name, and genre. Downloading eBook torrents from WikiBooks is legal and free. All the books are voluntarily distributed by the authors for free for the masses.

3. ManyBooks

ManyBooks- online free torrents for books

The next torrent site for ePUB books is ManyBooks. This is a free books download platform that hosts thousands of books in all popular genres. Some of the most popular books’ genres are Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Biographies, and Action/Adventures. You can search for any book by its titles, author, and keywords, or you can browse through different genres. ManyBooks offers many features like book descriptions, user reviews, and comments, online reading, and downloading.

You can download any books in several formats including epub, pdf, azw, Mobi, and more. If you don’t want to download, you can take advantage of its online reader to read any books you like without registration. If we had to pick one thing that is annoying about this site, it would be the annoying registration page. It doesn’t work that well, and you need to register to be able to see the download button. If you are more into reading novels and fictional books, then ManyBooks is a perfect website for ebook downloads online.


Free-Ebooks- best online books torrent website

As the name says, Free-Ebooks is an ebook downloading platform where you can download free books. You can download and read thousands of books whenever and wherever you like. You can download books from its vast library which consists of books from all popular genres and authors. To find a book, you can search by book title and author name, you can browse through thousands of books by book genre, and more. On the homepage, you will;l also get various book recommendations based on your interest.

While Free-Ebook is free but it doesn’t allow unlimited downloads. Every month you get to download only 5 books. So, if you are someone who reads books occasionally, this website is best to download books. But for someone who is an avid reader, this site might not be a perfect choice. Either way, is a great ebooks torrent platform to discover new books and authors and download free books in all different eBook formats.

5. Online Programming Books

OnlineProgrammingBooks- download programming books from torrent

This online books torrent site is for a niche audience. If you are into codding and computer programming, then this eBook website is a gold mine for books. You can find many great books related to many computer programming languages. You can find books for Android Programming, Arduino Programming, HTMML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript,, Linux, SQL, and more. Name any computer programming language, and you will find a couple of books for that language.

If you are new to programming or have an interest in learning to code, then OnlineProgrammingBooks is the best place you can be. It has over a thousand books combined in over 90 categories. Downloading is as easy as clicking on the download button. OnlineProgrammingBooks offer many formats, such as PDF, ePUB, and Mobi(Kindle).

6. PlanetEbook

Planet Ebook- download classic literature for free online

Last but not least, PlanetEbook, a classic literature download sites which stores hundreds of classic books. Booklist is very small and can be found on the homepage itself. You can sort books by book title and book author name. You can download all the books in PDF, ePUB, and Mobi (to read on Kindle). Downloading books is as easy as clicking on your preferred file format. It is a great torrent site to download classic books in eBook format and for free.


Here you go! All the best free sites to download eBook torrents online. With these book torrents sites, you can download all kinds of books for free and easily. You can also download eBooks in many eBook formats such as PDF and ePub. This ensures that you can read any books for free on any device. We hope you liked this article and found a good site to download the book you always wanted to read. How often do you read books? We are super interested to learn about your reading habits and what sorts of books you like. Please tell us all and more in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your book lover friend or family member.

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