Microsoft Bing Launches Live COVID-19 Tracker with Interactive Map and News

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in the world. It has already claimed 7,160 lives so far and has infected more than 180,000 people worldwide. Due to the increasing threats from this virus, authorities all around the world asking their citizens to stay indoors and avoid public gathering at any cost. Countries like Italy and others are in a countrywide lockdown. The Panic is real. Governments all around the world appealing citizens to stay indoors and to keep calm. Not just authorities; big corporates and businesses also doing whatever they can do to help people in this crisis that is the world facing. Last week we reported how Facebook is changing its ads policy to stop people from exploiting the situation. Not just Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon, and other companies also doing whatever they can to help people worldwide.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has also joined the bandwagon and launched an interactive portal to help users track the COVID-19 situation. The tool that Bing is calling “Bing COVID Tracker,” shows a total Coronavirus confirmed cases, recovered cases, and fatal cases. The map shows all the countries that are currently battling with the Novel Coronavirus and relevant news stories. It also shows a list of countries arranged by the number of confirmed cases reported in that particular country. Clicking on the country name shows the total number of confirmed cases, recovered cases, fatal cases, and relevant news articles about Coronavirus in that country.

You can access the Bing COVID Tracker tool by going to from your web browser. Microsoft says it is pulling data from various international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and Wikipedia. At the time of testing the tool, the reported numbers seem to be accurate with that of WHO and other world organizations.

Bing COVID Tracker

If you are in the USA or looking for data about the USA, you can see the data for each state. I wish this state-by-state data was available for other countries as well.

The only problem with the tool that I could find is its news section. So whenever you click on any country, it shows some relevant latest news about the Coronavirus situation in that country. But sometimes Bing shows news that is old and irrelevant in many cases. Other than that, it is a really good tool to keep a tab on what is happening around the world due to the virus.

The best way to avoid Coronavirus is to be alert and practice some basic preventive measures. Here is a video by WHO that mentions everything a common man can do to protect themselves and others from getting the virus.

Protect yourselves and others from getting sick

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Stay safe!

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