Now You Can Buy USB-C Google Titan Security Key For $40

Last year Google had launched its first 2FA security keys for those who want to safeguard their account and have that extra peace of mind. Most people have their sensitive information stored online, and they are at high risk of getting hacked. With 2 step authentication methods like security, they can add an extra layer of security for their online account. This makes it harder for hackers to break into an account because, in addition to obtaining username and password, they would also need to have access to the physical key.

The security key is a physical device that the account holder needs to plug into the computer or smartphone in order to access their online accounts. Many platforms like Google and Facebook is selling those physical security keys on their website. Google’s security is called Titanium Key. Google is selling Titanium Keys on its website since last year. This year Google is bringing one more update to the security key, and this update features a USB-C. More and more devices now going USB-C everything path, and this update will be helpful for those.

This security key is like the previous version security key, which now comes with USB-C instead of USB-A. Another notable change is that the new USB-C Titan security key doesn’t support NFC while the USB-A key has NFC. Other than these two changes, there are no such changes in terms of functionality.

How Does The Titan Security Work?

The Titan security key works on a standard called U2F, which stands for Universal 2 Factor. This a form of 2FA or 2-Factor Authentication, which instead of codes, either generated by text or app, uses the physical key. The traditional 2FA offered by many online websites, including Google, works by either sending text messages with one-time code or by generating codes using authenticator apps. The Titan security key works on the same principle, but instead of sending code, it uses the physical USB key and verifies the authenticity.

According to the blog post by Google, the Titan security keys will work on websites that accept FIDO security keys with 2FA. As of today, there only a handful of sites that supports this security protocol. You can use on sites like Google Account, 1Password, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Coinbase, Salesforce, GitHub, and Stripe.

The newly launched USB-C Titan security has been manufactured by Yubico and is available on Google store in the USA. The keys will cost $40 per unit and available for a bulk order for enterprise usages.

Who Should Use These Keys?

People are who are at high risk of getting hacked must use this key to protect their social media and users’ accounts on various online platforms. People like IT administrators, Politicians, Activists, and executives should use these keys. Basically, if you think your online data is at risk of being hacked, you should use one of these keys to give that extra layer of security.

Do you think you need one of these? Or do you recommend using these keys to take control of your online accounts? We will be interested in listening to your views on these security keys. Also, don’t forget to share this article on your social media if you like our effort.

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