Facebook Launches Messenger Native App for Windows & Mac

With millions of people locked down in their houses, the internet is the only way to communicate with our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Now more than ever, we are relying on technologies to stay connected and join those virtual events such as classes, office meetings, and more. There is no shortage of online services and apps to communicate and collaborate online. In the time when everyone seems to have moved to Zoom to host or attend online meetings and classes, Facebook Messenger remains a top player in online communication and messaging platform.

Facebook Messenger is already available for almost all kinds of platforms, including Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. For desktop users, it has a web version that you can access from messenger.com. The web version supports all the desktop platforms and has all the features, including group video calls, text messages, files, and images. Now Facebook has launched a native desktop app for Windows and Mac.

The native app does everything the mobile app does, including voice and video chat, group video calls, send text, images, and files among contacts and many more. The native app also comes with dark mode support, similar to what Facebook has been testing with its new desktop version redesign.

The Messenger desktop app for Windows and Mac was a long time due. Facebook first announced the possible Messenger desktop app last year during its annual F8 Conference.

“People want to seamlessly message from any device, and sometimes they just want a little more space to share and connect with the people they care about most.” – Facebook had said last year when asked about the messenger app. The app was supposed to launch this year during its annual F8 Conference 2020. But like most other events this year, F8 has been also canceled due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

So, instead of launching it in an event, Facebook has decided to launch it as it is. The timing of the launch is also very interesting as most people flocking towards online tools and services to communicate during this period of hardship and lockdown. Currently, the most popular cross-platform web conferencing tool Zoom is gaining popularity. Zoom is also facing backlash due to its lousy privacy policy. With the launch of Facebook Messenger desktop app, Facebook is hoping to join the increasing list of video conferencing tool to connect with others during this social distancing period.

You can download and install the Facebook messenger app for macOS from Mac App Store and for Windows from Microsoft Store.

If you are someone who was looking for a Zoom alternative and prefers a native app instead of a web version, Facebook Messenger might be something to try.

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