Four Reasons to Turn to a New Streaming Provider

Whilst many streaming services are relatively new in terms of broadcasters, the market looks set to be shaken up by a new brand from an old hand.

Netflix and Amazon were relatively new companies when they broke into the industry, but now NBCUniversal has launched their service, Peacock. In a crowded market with so many options, what reasons could there be for turning to yet another provider?

Well, in addition to the usual exclusive TV and movies, they also have access to shows from NBCUniversal’s various broadcast channels, along with films from Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, and Focus Features. That promises to deliver an exciting lineup for streaming fans who may feel they have exhausted some of the traditional providers.

With 22 million subscribers already on board, there is clearly an attraction for viewers. So, let’s look at four reasons you should turn your attention to the new kid on the block.

Four Reasons to Turn to a New Streaming Provider


Drawing from a roster than boasts Universal Pictures and Dreamworks makes Peacock an attractive prospect and the platform is already packed with great movies. With such a wide selection of providers on the market, they needed to make their offering attractive, and some of the biggest movies around feature. Amongst the highlights are Dallas Buyers Club, Fatal Attraction, and Reservoir Dogs, with the promise of much more to come.

Game Shows

The age of the game show may have passed a little, but they still hold a strong allure for many. One of the main programs to feature on Peacock is the worldwide hit Deal or No Deal. It is a hugely successful franchise that has permeated its way into pop culture. Indeed, the spirit of the classic game show, which originated in the Netherlands, has been kept alive across a range of media. Gaming giant Foxy Bingo host games that draw from this specific theme, including Deal or No Deal Golden Box, and Deal or No Deal Live. Players can also find the game ported across to PC, with Howie Mandel splashed all over the cover. By using the presenter’s image on a video game, the links between reality and virtual were further enhanced for those wishing to play along at home. For those wishing to watch along at home, Peacock has 100 episodes for you to look back on.

Original TV

A great streaming provider will be judged as much by its exclusive shows as anything. Luckily, NBC has a history of making great shows and that has been the case across the new platform. Brave New World is one highlight, a dystopian sci-fi drama and interpretation of the 1932 Aldous Huxley novel of the same name. Reviews have been varied, but it is a show that has got people talking and for the right reasons. Lost Speedways is also engrossing viewing, hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing fans will be delighted to see him travel to abandoned racetracks around the country unraveling little slices of racing history.

Classic Series

Peacock is packed with classic series and if you want to revisit some of the very best from US TV, and the wider world, then this is the platform to be on. Cheers is one that jumps out, an institution around the world, and, rather ironically given the title music, a name everyone knows. Another highlight is the excellent Mr. Mercedes, a crime drama based on the Stephen King novel trilogy. It is three seasons in and has Brendan Gleeson in the lead role. With others such as Battlestar Galactica, Downton Abbey and Everybody Loves Raymond, there really is something for every taste.