KissAnime Alternatives: Free Legal Sites Like KissAnime to Watch Anime Online

Anime is gaining popularity all around the world. The once Japanese obsession now has become a global hit. The word ‘Anime’ in Japan means animated series and shows, but for the rest of the world, it is the animated series or movies to come out of Japan. Anime dates back to 1917, but the anime we know and love is about 50 years old. Despite being around for so long, international popularity has come in the past few years. The introduction of the internet and streaming services helped propel the popularity of anime in other countries outside of Japan. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of online platforms dedicated to anime streaming and downloading. One of the prominent names in the online Anime streaming field is KissAnime. It is the largest free anime site to watch anime online and for free. Being one of the first websites to allow users to download or stream anime series online made a popular name among the online anime streamers.

If you are a long time KissAnime fan, you would know that KissAnime is facing lots of problems lately for some reasons unknown to us. Many people also have complained that their ISP is not letting them access KissAnime. This is because KissAnime sometimes hosts copyrighted contents, which is illegal in many countries. Due to these reasons, many anime enthusiasts have started looking for alternatives. In this article, I will share some of the best anime sites like KissAnime to watch anime series. These sites that I am going to list in this post are free anime sites which allow free streaming of anime series and episodes. Before that, I want to answer a few common questions people have about KissAnime anime site.

What Makes KissAnime A Better Option for Anime Streaming? KissAnime Features

Many people online have asked this question: What makes KissAnime a good option for anime streaming? I would answer the features of KissAnime makes it great. KissAnime offers many features that are generally only available with premium sites. Here are all the best features of KissAnime that made this website one of the best anime sites to watch free anime online.

  1. Anime Library: There is no match for KissAnime when it comes to Anime library. Even many premium anime sites like Crunchyroll and more can not also compete with the anime library that KissAnime has.
  2. Video Quality: Despite being a free anime platform for online anime streaming, it offers the best video quality. The kind of quality people expect from paid services is provided free by KissAnime. You can watch any anime series with HD, FullHD, and even 4K depending if your device supports 4K.
  3. English Subtitle and Audio: As all anime series are produced in Japan, the language is always Japanese. This creates challenges for people who do not speak Japanese. To help then enjoy Anime series, KissAnime always uploads anime series or movies with English subtitles or in English dubbed language if available.
  4. Upload Frequency: Upload frequency is also very important when it comes to anime series. KissAnime has a good reputation when it comes to uploading frequency. It always tries to make series episodes available as soon as it first airs in Japan.
  5. Anime Forum: If you are a passionate anime lover, then you will definitely enjoy its forum. You can meet new people who share the same interest as you. You can also take part in conversations, chat with other users, and more. KissAnime is a paradise for anime lovers who like to discuss anime with other anime viewers.
  6. Read Manga: Manga is like comic books for anime. For Manga, you don’t have to check out a new site, you can read them from the KissAnime manga section for free.

KissAnime definitely has more features than these 5 that I mentioned above. But these 5 makes it unique and accessible among the anime viewers worldwide.

Is KissAnime down? KissAnime Not Working? KissAnime Blocked?

Is KissAnime down or Not Working?

The answer is probably yes. In the recent past few months, KissAnime is having lots of trouble for reasons unknown to us. Due to this problem, most of the time, KissAnime found to be down ar throwing a bunch of errors. If you are now facing the same kind of error or down message, then there is nothing you can do. KissAnime is generally very responsive at fixing those errors within few minutes to few hours.

So as a KissAnime visitor, you can check back after a few minutes to see if the site is working again or not.

Is KissAnime Blocked?

The answer to this question is the KissAnime website may have been blocked by your ISP or blocked in general in your countries. KissAnime is an anime content hosting platform that mostly hosts copyrighted content. Due to this nature of its operation, it has come under scrutiny in many countries. ISP and local government bodies are doing everything they have to block the website from viewing.

How to Unblock KissAnime Anime Website?

If you want to know how you can access unblocked KissAnime, then we can help you with that. Here are two popular methods to unblock

  1. VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It acts as a buffer between your computer and your ISP. By using a VPN, you can redirect all of your internet traffic via your VPN providers while encrypting all of your online activities. This allows you to access any blocked websites without getting blocked. There are many VPN services to choose from. We would suggest ExpressVPN for its speed and security.
  2. Proxy: Proxy is like a VPN, but it works on browsers also, and you don’t need to install any app or software. Other than that, there s no difference between VPN and Proxy. There are many websites that offer free proxy services. We personally use and recommend HMA(HideMyAss) proxy service.

KissAnime APK or Android App Download

KissAnime is popular, and, understandably, many people are also searching for Android apps for KissAnime. KissAnime doesn’t have any official Android app that you can download and stream anime on your android phone.

Fortunately, many Android developers have built Android apps that support KissAnime and lets you stream and download anime on your Android smartphone.

Best Android Apps for KissAnime

Here are a few Amazing Android apps that support KissAnime.

  1. AnYme: This app has many features including, online anime stream, anime download, cast episodes, ad-blocker, new episode notification, and more. Download AnYme apk from here.
  2. AnimeDLR: This anime app lets you stream anime from sites like KissAnime. You can watch online or download to watch offline. Add series to bookmark, get notified when a new episode arrives, and more. Download AnimeDLR android apk from here. or

There is confusion between and and other domain variations. According to the official KissAnime Reddit page, only is original. Other domains are definitely not an official site and therefore could be harmful to visit.

Is KissAnime legal?

One of the most critical and famous questions people have about KissAnime is whether it is legal or not. And the answer is NO. KissAnime is not a legal anime streaming website. If you are looking for legal Anime streaming, then this website is not for you. Luckily, in this article, we are going to share the best free KissAnime alternative sites to watch anime series online legally.

Best Free Legal KissAnime Alternative Sites

Here are some of the best legal anime sites similar to KissAnime. By using these sites, you can stream all kinds of anime series and movies for free and legally.

1. Crunchyroll

When it comes to legal anime streaming sites, nothing can beat Crunchyroll. It is one of the most popular anime sites like KissAnime, where you can watch anime for free and legally. You can stream both dubbed and subbed anime series online for free. Crunchyroll is known to upload new episodes as soon as they are available in Japan. Apart from anime series, Crunchyroll is also known to offer other features such as manga, anime news, anime forum, and an anime merchandise store. Crunchyroll is both free and paid. As a free member, you can enjoy many series, but the library is very limited. By subscribing to the paid membership, you can access the whole library of anime series and movies.

2. Funimation

Another popular legal anime platform, which is also a KissAnime alternative is Funimation. This free anime site is primarily known for its wide range of English dubbed anime shows along with almost all anime serial/movie with English subtitles. Being a Sony-owned venture, it emphasizes on video quality, and that reflects on anime quality. Virtually all the anime can be streamed in HD, Full HD, and 4k. Funimation owns many exclusive titles license. This means few anime shows are only available on Funimation and can not be found on any other sites. Funimation is both free and paid. As a paid member you will have access to HD contents and ad-free anime viewing which are absent for free members.

3. Viewster

Viewster is one of the popular sites to watch anime online free legally. This is an ad-supported platform which allows users to watch movies, TV series, and anime series online. Recently Viewster is focusing more and more on Anime, and that can be seen from its anime library. It is growing every week. Almost all the anime series or movies available with English subtitles. However, when it comes to English dubbed anime, Viewster struggles a lot. Apart from that, Viester is an excellent option if you were looking for good alternative sites to KissAnime, which is free and legal.

4. Netflix

Netflix, the largest online streaming platform for TV series and movies, is now focusing on Anime. It has slowly but steadily increased its anime library by adding new anime series and films every month. Netflix is also actively involved in producing Netflix’s original anime series, which you can only find on Netflix. Netflix is a paid service, I know that. But if you have a Netflix subscription which you use for TV shows and films streaming you can use that same account to watch some amazing anime series as well for free.

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the best legal movie streaming sites which also support anime series. The anime library is not as grand as other sites on this list, but for a movie platform, this is impressive nonetheless. This KissAnime like site is entirely free with no registration requirements. This is an ad-supported platform, so expect some ads in between your streaming.


These are the best anime streaming sites and best alternatives to the KissAnime platform. I have also tried to answer a few common questions people have asked online about KissAnime. I hope that FAQ was helpful and you found what you were searching for. Coming back to the alternative sites, these sites are free and legal, which means you won’t have to worry about these sites getting banned. Some of these sites are very popular, and sometimes, better than KissAnime in some aspects. I hope you liked this article. Please share your thoughts in the comments; I would love to listen to what you are thinking about this post. I also hope you will share this post with your friends, colleagues, and any anime fans you know.