Google is Actively Pushing Microsoft Edge Users to Switch to Chrome Browser

With over 67% of market share, Google Chrome is the most popular desktop internet browser software. But it is not the only browser out there. There are other companies as well who are actively trying to get users to use their browser instead. One of those companies is Microsoft, with its new Edge browser based on Chromium – the same rendering engine Google Chrome is using. Microsoft Edge is showing some great promises that Google Chrome lacks. Firstly, unlike Google Chrome, the Edge browser from Microsoft is not that resource hungry. And secondly, it respects your privacy by allowing you to block most of the trackers used by Google, Facebook, and other sites. It is modern, fast, and secure, and that is the reason why many users are now switching to Microsoft Edge from Google Chrome. I myself have started using the Edge browser for the past 1 month and I must say I am liking it so far.

This migration of users from Chrome to the Edge browser is making Google uncomfortable. And this can be seen easily with the way Google is pushing Microsoft Edge users to install Google Chrome.

The first case that came to light is when Google Chrome issued a warning to the Edge users while trying to install the Chrome extension on the Edge browser from the Chrome Web Store. If you didn’t know already, Edge browser is based on Chromium, and like every other browser that is based on Chromium, Edge can also install extensions from Chrome web store. The ‘warning’ suggests that users must switch to Google Chrome to use “extensions securely.”

Google Chrome Web Store shows warning for Edge browsers

Edge is not the only browser that is running on Chromium, there are other browsers as well, like Opera and Vivaldi. And if you try to install extensions from Chrome Web Store on those browsers, you don’t see any warning whatsoever.

Chrome Web Store is not the only place where Google is asking you to ditch the Edge browser and switch to Google Chrome. Google Stadia – the cloud-based gaming service – is already blocked on the Edge browser. Similarly, other Google services such as Google Docs, Drive, YouTube Music, and others are also suggesting users switch to Google Chrome for the best experience.

I use Google Analytics as my analytical platform to analyze how is performing. Google won’t let me access Google Analytics from the Edge browser and it is driving me crazy. So every time I need to check Google Analytics, I have to use Google Chrome. This is so annoying.

Google Analytics not working on Edge browser

Honestly, I can understand when Google is recommending its own software, but the fact that they are targeting a specific browser, and on top of that, they are blocking access to some of its core products is what makes me angry. Anyway, what is your take on this matter? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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