8 Things to Do When You Get Your Hands on a new iPhone

When you buy a new iPhone, especially if it’s your first time purchasing an Apple product, there are some things to learn before you start operating. There is so much to learn about, from setting up your Apple ID on your iPhone to running various applications.

You can learn how to rename iphone so that your device name does not show up when turning your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This feature allows you to name your iPhone according to your preference. Let’s get on to some other things to know so that you can use your iPhone like a pro.

Create Your Apple ID:

The best thing about the iPhone is that you can access iTunes Store and Apple App Store, which are immensely popular for their features. You can make a free Apple ID to buy music, movies, applications, and other things.

Moreover, it allows you to use applications like iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, Apple Music, and much more. It would not be possible to take advantage of an iPhone without creating an account.

Sync Your Data iPhone:

After setting up your ID and getting the hang of your device, start syncing your previous data from the computer by plugging in your iPhone. Learn about rearranging your application icons, creating a new folder, and sorting other items. Your loaded content can be anything from music, eBooks, photos, movies, and documents, etc.

If you have synced with a USB cable before, you can change your settings to sync over Wi-Fi. An alternative option can be to use iCloud to avoid syncing altogether.

Set up iCloud:

ICloud makes using and sharing your data with other devices a lot easier. When using for business purposes, sync your data with other Apple devices and get access to it. ICloud enables your device to back up your data to Apple’s servers and re-install it over the internet with one click.

If you have deleted any of your music or application, then no worries, iCloud allows you to redownload anything bought at iTunes Store. It actually ensures that you can stay in touch with your purchases.

Use Find My iPhone:

IPhone comes with a built-in GPS that is actually a feature of iCloud. It allows you to locate the location of your iPhone. It comes in handy at an unexpected time when your iPhone gets stolen or lost somewhere. Don’t avoid this step, as it can save you from the trouble of finding your iPhone when it goes missing.

You can easily locate your iPhone down to the exact location by using this amazing feature. By setting up this Find My iPhone, you would not need to install the Find My iPhone Application.

Security Options:

Make sure that you activate all the security options that an iPhone has to offer. It includes a fingerprint scanner and a face recognition ID. The fingerprint scanner is built into the Home Screen of Iphone 5S, 6 series, 6S series, 8 series, and some iPads. Both the features can be used as an alternative option to passcode or pattern lock.

You can enable these features on any app to keep your data more secure. It essentially benefits iPhone users when using Apple Pay, an Apple’s wireless payments methods.

Install Apple Pay:

A great feature for Apple users is that they can access a wireless payment method in the shape of Apple Pay. It allows its users to get through check-out lines faster and provide more security than a regular credit card or debit card.

Your actual card number will never get shared with others, so it is more secure. Make use of this amazing and easy option whenever you can by setting it up when you get your new iPhone.

Learn How to Use the Applications:

Firstly, learn how to use the built-in in your iPhone for getting easily through functions like web browsing, email, photos, camera settings, music, notes, contact, and much more.

Your next target should be to explore the App Store. Some applications are free, while others do not cost you much and can be just one or two dollars. From gaming, entertainment, fitness, cooking, find any kind of application in the Apple App Store and make the most out of your experience.

When You Get Done with the Basics:

By the time you get a strong grip on using your iPhone, explore deep into your device and look for more features. From fun options to very useful ones, there is so much more to iPhone than just the basics.

For instance, you can find out how to enable the Do Not Disturb feature, use your iPhone as a personal hotspot, use the Notification center, and use AirPrint.