Top Cute and Romantic Anime Couples List 2020

No matter what genre you prefer in anime, one thing you have to agree that every anime has anime couples that you adore. It doesn’t have to be a romance anime series; cute couples are in every popular anime series. So with so many anime series and lovely pairs, who do you think ranks among the top cute anime couples? We shall find out in this article. Before we start let me tell you that this list is in no particular order. Also, I’ve taken inspirations from various studies and online ranking sites to make this list possible. At the end of this article, I’ve added a poll for you to vote for your favorite couples. Now that being cleared out, let’s check popular cutest anime couples.

Top Cute and Romantic Anime Couples List

Top Cute Anime Couples

Asuna & Kirito


Series Name- Sword art Online

Asuna and Kirito are among the cutest anime couples of all time. The duo is from the Sword Art Online anime series. Kirito is a fighter and survival whose only intention is to escape the virtual reality world and step into the real world — all these changes when Kirito meets Asuna. Asuna is a fighter just like Kirito, and soon they became friends and then lover. The thing that makes this romantic couple apart from others is that both Kirito and Asuna depend on each other. Their whole relationship is based on helping each other getting out of trouble.

Takeo & Yamato

Takeo & Rinko cutest anime couples

Series Name- Ore Monogatari!!

Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato are an adorable couple from the series called Ore Monogatari also known as My Love Story in English. This romance-comedy series features Takeo who is very gentle at heart, but his physical personality confuses others to think he is scary. Even though everyone like Takeo no one really ever liked him to love him. This all changes when Takeo saves Yamato from being harassed, and Yamato wishes to keep in touch with Takeo. Takeo first though Yamato might have a crush on his best friend Sunakawa, it didn’t take him long to understand that Yamato is really after Takeo. This anime series shows the journey of this romantic anime couple and how they treat each other with respect and love. You will fall in love with this cute couple.

Kyo & Tohru

Kyo & Tohru romantic anime couples

Series Name- Fruits Basket

The next couple is Kyo & Tohru from the Fruit Basket anime series. The romance between this duo is rather unusual, but it is cute nonetheless. Kyo is an idiot boy with lots of anger, but again he is very good at heart. He only needs someone who would see him for what he is. Tohru is a cute girl with a crush on Kyo, and she helps Kyo to control his anger. Kyo also develops feelings for Tohru. Both Kyo and Tohru make a sweet anime couple that you must watch.

Misaki & Usui

Misaki & Usui anime love couples

Series Name- Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Misaki and Usui are among the top cute anime couples of all time. Misaki is the class president who is not interested in any men at school. Then she meets Usai – a handsome classmate- who tries everything to impress Misaki, but she doesn’t budge. Usai is also stubborn as Misaki and doesn’t miss any single opportunity. This annoys Misaki, but at the same time, it keeps Misaki wondering what he will do next. These small encounters make this series a must-watch.

Hinata & Naruto

Hinata & Naruto anime sweet couple

Series Name- Naruto

Naruto and Hinata are the main protagonists of the anime series Naruto. They are like the perfect couple you would like to know better. Both Hinata and Naruto represent each other, and they are adorable. Their love for each other grows by time. They have few of their tender moments in the show that will give goosebump.

Minato & Kushina

Minato & Kushina famous anime couples

Series Name- Naruto

Despite being an action genre anime, Naruto still managed to please audiences with more than a dozen cute couples. The most popular couple, of course, is Naruto and Hinata but Minato and Kushina pair weren’t any less adorable. The story of this famous anime couple was not played in real-time rather the story was told through flashbacks. A village girl Kushina who is aspired to become the Hokage meets Minato, and they fall in love. Sadly the pair had an end which made everybody sad. Both Naruto-Hinata and Minato-Kushina pair make the Naruto series so much interesting that you must not miss.

Shinichi & Ran


Series Name- Detective Conan

The next couple in our list of best anime couples list is Shinichi and Ran from anime Detective Conan. Both Ran and Shinichi are childhood friends and know each other since their kindergarten. Both had a soft spot for each other, but they both were unaware of each other’s feeling. This changes when Ran meets Conan (Shinichi who disguises as Conan to solve mysterious cases) and thus starting a love story that is both unique and romantic.

Lucy & Natsu

Lucy & Natsu top anime couples

Series Name- Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is among the most popular anime series, and the main protagonists of this series are Lucy and Natsu. They are among the most adorable couples in the anime world. They are very much protective of each other, and they stand for each other no matter the odds. Despite all this, Lucy and Natsu aren’t real couples yet. But don’t worry because the creators of this show in a recent report revealed that the duo will get married and will have kids in the future. Finger Crossed.

Ryuuji & Taiga

Ryuuji & Taiga cute anime couples in love

Series Name- Toradora

Ryuuji and Taiga are an unusual couple. Taiga is a cute and beautiful girl but don’t let her cuteness fool you because her tamper can be a bit extreme sometimes. On the other hand, Taiga is a tough-looking guy who the whole class fears but if you see him closely you will know that he is very gentle at heart. How they fall in love is also very interesting. Both had a crush on each other’s best friend, and in order to impress their respective crushes, they form an alliance. Little did they know that they will fall in love with each other. This couple is adorable and rightfully claims a spot on this list.

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Winry & Edward

Winry & Edward adorable anime couples

Series Name- Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry and Edward from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist is also a good example of cute couples in anime. I really like this couple and their journey. The plot of this anime is very intense, and it is good to see both Winry and Ed keep supporting each other with all these. They both have gone through a lot. And support each other despite all the odds.

Yona & Hak

Yona & Hak cute lovely anime couples

Series Name- Yona of the Dawn

Hak (also known as Son Hak) is the former general of the Wind Clan. Princess Yona is a beautiful lady who has a love interest in Hak. Both and Hak and Yona grew up together, and since childhood, they have created a strong bond. They fight a lot but they also been very close to each other and more importantly loyal to each other. Slowly Hak also develops a love for Yona and soon falls in love with her. With all the love he has for the princess, he puts his life at risk to protect the princess. This is a beautiful love story, and Yona x Hal makes a beautiful couple in the anime world.

Kagome & Inuyasha

Kagome & Inuyasha romantic anime couples

Series Name- Inuyasha

Viktor & Yuri

Viktor & Yuri famous romantic anime couples

Series Name- Yuri on Ice

Hiyori & Yato

Hiyori & Yato cutest anime couples of all time

Series Name- Noragami

Utena & Anthy

Utena  & Anthy cute romantic anime couples and pair

Series Name- Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Did I miss any other famous anime couples? Yes, I did. There are so many popular cute anime couples that it is almost impossible to mention all of them in one article. But I did my best to list all of my favorite couples and those who I thought deserved to be on this list. If you think I missed any couple, then feel free to mention in the comment. I might do another edition of this article if enough of you comment in this article. Gentle reminder: don’t forget to vote for your favorite cutest couple in anime from this list and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family, and those who love to watch anime series.

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