WhatsApp to Soon Add Multi-Device Support – Beta Build Reveals

WhatsApp has taken the world by storm in the past few years. WhatsApp is the unshakeable player in the instant messaging platform. In February this years, it had passed the 2 billion active users worldwide. It is unthinkable that an app is used by more than one-fourth of the world population daily. More than 2 billion people using WhatsApp daily to connect with their closed ones and also reaching to their customers. It is not that there is no other instant messaging app – the instant messaging category is filled with some awesome apps. Its simple user interface and rich features made it the popular it is today. WhatsApp is tied to your mobile number and makes it appealing to most people. Because now, one doesn’t need to fiddle around with usernames and passwords.

Despite being this popular, WhatsApp still lacks many features. One of them is its inability to work on multiple devices. As I said earlier, WhatsApp is tied to your mobile number, and all of its chats are stored locally. There is no convenient username/password option you can use to chat from any device of your choice. Agreed, WhatsApp offers WhatsApp web, which technically allows you to use WhatsApp on a separate device – but it is not a true multi-device option. Because to use WhatsApp Web, you need to have your phone connected to the internet all the time. It basically mirrors your WhatsApp chats from your phone to your computer screen.

This is all going to change; WhatsApp is soon going to add multi-device support for all the users. According to WABetaInfo, they have found working multi-device option in a recent beta update. It discovered that the WhatsApp is working multi-device options, which will allow users to use the same WhatsApp account on up to 4 devices. WABetaInfo also found that WhatsApp is working on a ‘Linked Devices‘ UI, which when activated, will allow you to add multiple devices. Users can add new devices like browser, PC, and Facebook portal from the ‘Linked Devices’ menu.

WABetaInfo also shared two screengrabs they were able to get from the latest WhatsApp Beta build

Later, in a tweet, WABetaInfo confirmed that WhatsApp will use the “phone number + a SMS code” to add the new device. It is basically the same process as registering a new WhatsApp account. “WhatsApp might also plan to receive the code from a ‘WhatsApp chat‘” – WABetaInfo added.

Many speculate that WhatsApp will create a copy of your chats and media to the newly added devices. Later, WhatsApp might use cloud sync to keep all the linked devices in the loop.

Another important feature added to this latest build is a new advanced search function. This advanced search was first seen in version 2.20.117. In this latest build, WhatsApp is still developing its UI for the advanced search. This new advanced search will allow users to filter messages by media (Photos, Videos, GIFs, Audio, and Documentaries) and by chat messages. This feature is still under development, and it will be available in the future.

WhatsApp advanced search feature

Do you want to use WhatsApp on multiple devices? Or you happy the way WhatsApp is functioning? Please let us know in the comment section.

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