Best Free Alternative Sites Like Putlocker to Watch HD Movies Online

Is the Putlocker movie website blocked? Can not access Putlocker? Are you looking for free and similar alternative sites like Putlocker? If your answer was a loud YES to any or all of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share many best Putlocker alternative sites for free movie streaming online. We all love free stuff, and when it comes to online movie streaming, many people prefer to go free route than paying for a subscription. There are many websites and torrent platforms where someone can watch free HD movies online without paying a single penny. Putlocker is one such site where anyone with an active internet connection could access thousands of free movies and TV series, all for free. The website Putlocker, however, had to close its operation in 2016 due to various legal threats.

While it has been more than three years since the website closed its service, it is still being searched by thousands of visitors daily. This number alone enough to show how popular Putlocker movies were back in 2015 and 2016. If you are one of those people still looking for sites like Putlocker to download and stream free movies in HD quality, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share many free similar sites to Putlocker, where you can find free films and TV serials for free. I will also share a few unblocked Putlocker mirror sites and proxy sites in case you want to access the original Putlocker movie collections. Before we do that, it is important to know what Putlocker was like and why it had to shut its operation.

What is Putloker? What Happened to it and Why Is Putlocker Down?

Putlocker was a free streaming site that hosted digital entertainment, mostly movies, and TV shows. Its database was among the largest for any movie websites at that period of time. You could find all kinds of films, both the latest and old in its searchable database. This UK based website soon grew to become one of the largest platforms for streaming online movies and other content. At its peak, it was seeing more than 1.5 million visitors each day. As we have seen with Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay, when a website that serves copyrighted material grows such big, it attracts some unwanted attention from movie production houses and government agencies. The same happened with Putlocker.

Why Putlocker Down

The bootlegged website was first banned by the UK High Courte, followed by Luxembourg court, MPAA, and US Courte. Putlocker had to change its domain several times in the past to keep the site running. It went from to and in the span of a few months. And finally, in 2016, the site was taken offline by the EuroDNS after a court order. Currently, the main domain, as well as all of its official proxy domains, are down for an indefinite period. This is why Putlocker is down, and you are not able to access the website and its movies.

Best Free Putlocker Alternative Sites for Streaming HD Movies Online

There is no doubt that Putlocker was a great site for streaming films without paying any fee whatsoever. But now that the site is gone for good, it is wise to look for sites similar to Putlocker.

1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free and best alternative site for Putlocker to watch thousands of movies online

Popcorn Time is a popular free streaming site for movies and TV shows similar to Putlocker movie streaming. The way Popcorn Time works is different than Putlocker. Instead of hosting films and HD series on its own server, it acts like a torrent client, which lets you stream any kind of video files directly from magnet links. This method of streaming opens a new avenue where you can stream any kind of movies, videos, anime, TV series episodes, documentaries, and other kinds of video files from torrenting.

The popcorn time is a free online tool where you can paste torrent magnet link directly to stream free movies in HD for free without downloading. There are hundreds of free torrent sites such as 1337xx, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, and more where you can find thousands of free movies and watch directly on Popcorn Time. The nature of Popcorn Time makes it among the best online websites to watch movies and great alternatives to Putlocker.

2. Sony Crackle

Sony-Crackle: free alternative site like Putlocker to watch online free films

Sony Crackle is a legal alternative site for Putlocker to stream free movies online in HD quality. This sony owned streaming website for movies is one of the best in the free legitimate streaming genre. Here you can watch hundreds of legal films licensed by Sony and other popular production studios. The service is free and doesn’t ask for registration to watch movies like Putlocker and other sites on this list.

Apart from movies, Sony Crackle is also the best site to watch free TV series episodes in HD from the comfort of your home. Sony Crackle has many exclusive movies and TV series on this platform, which are not available on other sites. Unfortunately, Crackle is only available in the USA and a few other European countries; for others, it is necessary to use a good VPN to watch movies on this similar Putlocker alternative website.

3. Niter

Niter is another popular free website to watch HD movies without downloading just like Putlocker. The site came into existence as a replacement site for Putlocker. Niter has all the features that people liked in Putlocker. You can browse through thousands of free movies and TV shows all in high quality and for free. There is no registration requires or download anything, just select a movie, click on the stream button and watch online without worrying about anything.

The movie library of Niter is as big as Putlocker with thousands of movies in all popular genres. You can find films that are just coming out of the theater and that too in the best quality possible. Due to many legal problems, Niter had to change its main domain several times in the past. Currently, the site is active on a .me domain extension, but it possible that by the time you read this post, Niter has moved on to some new domain name. Niter was created to serve as a Putlocker alternative, and I would say it is doing a great job. There is no doubt Niter is a great website to watch free movies online, similar to Putlocker.

4. PocornFlix

Popcornflix: Watch unlimited films in hd for free similar to Putlocker

Many people often confuse Popcorn Flix with Popcorn Time due to its similarities in name. PopcornFlix is a legal alternative site for Putlocker for those looking for free films but also legal websites. The movie library of Popcornflix may not be as huge as Putlocker was, but it is still large enough with thousands of free cinemas in all popular genres. The web layout is very clean, and every movie is listed under its appropriate categories.

This free website for movie streaming is among the best alternative sites for Putocker that is very similar to the Putlocker movies.

5. 123Movies

123 Movies: online free movie streaming site similar to Putlocker movies

123Movies is also one of the best free streaming websites to watch free movies online. This Putlocker alternative movie platform is known for its huge library of HD films and latest TV series episodes. You don’t need to register, neither do you need any downloading to watch films on 123movies. Unfortunately, 123Movies had to shut its operation in 2017, just like Putlocker. You can use 123 Movies proxy servers to watch free movies from this Putlocker alternative site.

6. Netflix

Netflix: a perfect alternative websites to Netflix

Last but not least, we have Netflix – a paid subscription-based streaming site for movies, TV series, web series, documentaries, anime, and videos. I understand that Netflix is paid and, therefore, can never be an alternative to Putlocker. With a small monthly fee, you can watch an unlimited number of films and shows in HD without having to worry about VPN or other things. Because this is a legal website, there is no fear that this website will ever get blocked.

Also, Netflix is producing many award-winning shows and films for viewers of Netflix to watch. You can not find those shows on any other platform. So, it is no brainer to get a subscription for Netflix and watch an unlimited number of films without downloading anything. Netflix is a perfect alternative to Putlocker to watch films and shows with that extra peace of mind.

Best Unblocked Putlocker Movies Proxies and Mirror Sites

The original Putlocker is blocked, but there are still many unofficial mirror sites and proxy servers available where you can experience the real Putlocker. These unblocked proxies for Putlocker created by many fans of Putlocker to allow users to watch movies online in that familiar Putlocker interface. Here are few working mirror sites and proxy servers to access the Putlocker website unblocked.

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Final Word

Putlocker was an excellent website for free movies and TV shows. It offered all kinds of features that only premium sites are able to offer while charging nothing from the users. Now that the site is closed down by government agencies, people are really looking for alternative sites and proxy servers to access Putlocker movies and features. With the above mentioned free alternative sites similar to Putlocker, you can watch free cinema and the latest TV series episodes in HD. We have also shared a few 100% working proxies fr Putlocker to access the huge library of Putlocker movies for free. I hope you liked this post and found some great movie sites like Putlocker. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this post on your social media wall.

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