Best Unblocked Movies Websites to Watch Movies Online at School

As a student, finding and watching unblocked movies have always been a struggle for most students. Internet is a blessing for modern society.

It empowers people to do all kind of stuff from a computer or smartphone. But it also has its limitations. For example, the admin of an internet network can decide what you can and can not access on their internet network.

This is what is happening with students, as they are barred from accessing any form of entertainment websites from the school WiFi or computer network.

Due to this restriction, students can not watch any form of movies or videos while they are at school. For this very same reason, students from across the world looking for unblocked movie sites where they can watch movies uninterrupted from their school WiFi.

Finding a good unblocked website for movies is a challenge in itself. If you are a student and have found no luck finding a good source of unblocked movies that you could access from your school, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will share a long list of some popular movies sites which are unblocked in most school and colleges. These sites are free; most of them requires no registration. So that means you can quickly watch a movie without wasting your time on registration or login.

Free Unblocked Movie Sites to watch Movies Unblocked at School Without Registration

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These unblocked movie websites are subjected to your school firewall setting. Few of these sites may or may not work on your school WiFi, and for that reason, we are sharing more than 20 websites for movies at school. So, without further ado, let’s check out unblocked movies websites for school and colleges.

1. Viewster

Viewster- legal movie streaming free at school

Viewster is a legal movie streaming site which is also very popular among students due to its unblocked nature.

Viewster is also a free movie website where you can watch legal movies for free without registration. It has a movie library which holds almost one thousand movies in various genres. You can find movies from the 1960s to 2019s all at one place.

All the movies come with HD video quality which you can enjoy on any device you like. Apart from movies, Viewster library also holds a good number of Anime series which is beneficial for those looking for unblocked anime sites.

Whether you are a movie fan or looking for anime, Viewster is a perfect website to watch unblocked contents online from your school.

2. Hotstar

Hotstar- online free movies unblocked

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Hotstar is an Indian equivalent of Netflix which is unknown to most people in the west. Because many people do not know it, it makes it an ideal site for those looking for unblocked action at school or other places.

Hotstar is a free-premium service which means most of its online catalog is available for free while few are behind a paywall. The free catalog is good enough for any student to watch couples of films from their school network without getting shut.

Despite being an Indian streaming giant, Hotstar has a sizeable number of Hollywood movies under its belt.

The site is free and requires no registration whatsoever. If you fancy watching some action-packed Indian movies, then Hotstar is by far the best choice if you are in school or not.

Due to licensing agreements, movie catalog for the USA is minimal. To get the full experience, get a good VPN, and connect to a server in India.

Hotstar, due to its limited reach in the USA, it is by far the best bet to watch movies unblocked at school.

3. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle- legal movie streaming and unblocked films at school

The next website in this list of free unblocked movie sites at school is Sony Crackle. It is a free streaming platform from Sony, which is offering movies and TV series streaming for free.

Here you can watch thousands of high-quality movies and TV shows in all major genres. Being owned by Sony gives it the advantage of being one of the few first sites to stream movies produced by Sony studio.

Along with that, Sony Crackle has a partnership with other major studios like 20th Century Fox, Entertainment One, Entertainment One, Entertainment One, Paramount Pictures, SnagFilms, Warner Bros, and Universal Studios.

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All the movies and TV shows on Sony comes with HD or above video quality. Sony Crackle is currently only accessible from the USA and a few other western countries. If you are looking for free movie site with excellent picture quality to watch films at school, you should give Sony Crackle a try.

4. Archive is like an online history book for digital contents. It is a non-profit organization which aims to preserve our current and past internet contents for our future generation.

Its archive consists of movies, videos, music, audio, and snaps of website layout. If you go looking for movies on Archive, you will find hundreds of award-winning films from big production houses and independent creators.

Due to its educational value, Archive website is unblocked in most, school, colleges, universities, and workplaces.

if you are looking for educational movies from award-wining directors and writers to watch at school, then Archive is a good option for you.

5. Unblocked Movies Google Drive/Google Sites

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The next unblocked movies download sites is Google Site or Google Drive. Watching or downloading unblocked movies on Google Sites is a new trend among the school goers.

Google Sites use Google Drive to upload movies, and because it is a Google product, it is unblocked in most school. Many people have taken this opportunity to upload movies and letting students watch films and TV series without getting shut by their school firewall. There are currently hundreds of free Google Sites for unblocked films for students.

The followings are the best Google drive unblocked sites for downloading or watching movies for free:

Unblocked MoviesLINK
Google Drive Unblocked MoviesLINK
Unblocked Movies 66LINK
Marshall CinemaLINK

Google Drive is a good way to escape the restriction put up by school authority and watch unrestricted films for free.

6. YouTube

YouTube Movies for free unblocked films online

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YouTube is a popular video streaming site where anyone can upload their creation and share with the world. Mostly independent creators upload their creations on YouTube, but that didn’t stop movie studios to upload full-length movies on YouTube.

Now, if you search thoroughly, you can find many full-length HD movies on YouTube. We all know YouTube is a free platform where everything you can download or stream for free, and that also includes movies.

If in any case, you didn’t find the film you were looking for, you can rent the movie for a day or two for a small fee.

Because you can search and watch all kind of movies on YouTube, it is among the best free movie website unblocked at school.

7. Vimeo

Vimeo unblocked movies websites

Just like with YouTube, Vimeo is also a user-generated video creation platform. Here users can upload, among others, movie trailers and movies. Even though it is similar to YouTube, but it is not as popular as YouTube. This is the reason why many consider Vimeo as among the best websites to watch films at school.

The library of Vimeo is very limited when compared to that of YouTube. But that is not to say that Vimeo is useless. It has many featured length movies, documentaries, and indie collections. It is a great site for those looking for movie streaming from their school.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix- movies unblocked at school free

Popcornflix is another popular free movie streaming platform which has a decent collection of HD movies, and it is growing. Popcornflix is a legal website where no registration is required, and you can watch movies from all popular genres. Add Popcornflix to your bookmark because it is not just a good film website it is also a popular website for free TV series unblocked and anime unblocked.

It is a popular, free and most importantly unblocked website for films and TV series for students.

9. SonyLIV

Just like Hotstar, SonyLIV is another great Indian streaming giant that is mostly unknown in the west. Although SonyLIV is mostly known for hosting regional legal movies, it still has a handful number of Hollywood movies that you can stream unblocked from your school or places. Just like with Hotstar, SonyLIV is unknown to many people in the USA. How are you going to block a site if you don’t know it exists?

SonyLIV is a free-premium service where most movies are available for free while few new films are kept behind a paywall. If you only want to watch a movie at your school, then the free service is good enough. Being an Indian site and unknown to most people outside of India, SonyLIV makes a great website to watch films unblocked for free at school.

More Free Movies Unblocked Sites at School

Top Documentary FilmsLINK
Pluto TvLINK
Prime VideoLINK

How to Use Unblocked Movie Sites at School?

Is none of the above sites working for you? Are you not able to watch unblocked movies at school using the movie sites mentioned above? We have been getting lots of complaints from readers that most of these sites are not working for them. Here we will show you how you can use these free movie websites to watch films unblocked at school.

1. Install a good VPN add-on extension for your desktop browser.

There are many good VPN service providers out there – both free and paid. We usually recommend paid VPNs, but to watch movies, a good free VPN will do the job just fine. We recommend Windscribe. You can install its Chrome or Firefox browser extension from the official website. It is super easy, just Google it.

2. After installing Windscribe, create a free account. You can use a disposable email address if you don’t want to use your real email.

3. Now click on the Windscribe add-on icon from your browser address bar.

Watch unblocked movies at school

4. Click on the ‘Globe’ icon and select a server location. For best performance, select a US server.

Watch unblocked movies at school

5. After selecting a server, you will see a ‘Connecting‘ animation. Wait till you say it says connected.

6. Now you are all set to bypass your school firewall and watch free movies unblocked. Select any cinema sites unblocked from our list and enjoy watching free films at school.

WIndscribe also has apps for iPhone and Android in case you want to watch movies using your school Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

Finding a good unblocked movie source is not an easy task. The above movie streaming sites are not just unblocked but also free and don’t ask for registration.

That means you can watch a quick movie anytime you have a free period. Depending on your school firewall, you may have to use a VPN to be able to access all the websites.

I hope you found this article helpful and was able to watch free movies unblocked at school. Which site do you use for cinemas at your school? We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion. .

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