How to Download Movies and TV Series From Netflix for Offline Viewing

There is nothing better than laying on a couch and being watching all the episodes of Strangers Things, or Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Streaming Netflix shows requires a decent internet connection, but what if you are someplace where accessing the internet is a had task? Like for example, you are on a long flight, and we all know horrible onboard internet is on an airplane. Downloading shows or movies sounds like so 2010 but in situations like these, downloading a show or a movie beforehand is your best bet. So how do you download TV series and movies from Netflix? In this article, we will share everything you need to know to be able to download 4K HDR Netflix shows to watch offline.

How to Download Netflix Movies and TV Shows for Offline Viewing

If you have never downloaded movies on Netflix, then you have first to make sure your device is up-to-date to download Netflix shows. Just follow the below steps one by one to perfectly set up your device for downloading Netflix shows and movies.

#1. Set-Up your Netflix App

That is right, downloading Netflix movies or TV shows only available on the Netflix app for Android, iPhone, and iPad and downloading feature only available on the latest version of Netflix. So, make sure your Netflix app is up-to-date with the latest update. If you are not sure whether you have the latest version of Netflix, you can verify that by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on iOS or Android, respectively.

#2. Configure Download Settings

Before jumping into downloading an episode or a movie, it is important to configure download settings on the Netflix app. To access the downloads setting, go to Netflix’s setting option, and scroll down until you see downloading options.

Netflix download settings

Netflix offers two different download quality: Standard and High. Though Netflix doesn’t specify the video resolution, people believe that Standard quality is between 360p and 480p while the High quality is 720p or 1080p. Standard video quality takes less space and downloads faster while High quality occupies more space and takes longer to download. So, choose the right quality based on your video quality preferences and internet speed.

#3. Find Netflix Movies or Shows to Download

The next step is to find shows to download. Netflix doesn’t allow all the shows or movies to be downloaded. The downloadable content is growing and covers almost all the Netflix original contents. Netflix has made t very easier to find all the shows and movies that you can download. Tap on the menu on the left top corner, and you will see an option called “Available for Download.”

There you can find all the shows and movies that you can download from Netflix and watch offline. It is also important here to mention that every download has an expiration period. Most downloads can be watched within 30 days of its download while few might get deleted after just 48 hours. It also comes down to the licensing agreement Netflix has with the original content creator. So, our advice would to just download shows when you know you will watch within a day or two.

#4. Finally, Download a Show and Enjoy

Now the final step is to download a show or movie on Netflix and watch offline.

After finding a show or a movie, you want to download, click on the small download icon on the movie or show page. It will take some time depending on your video quality and internet speed.

Netflix also has what it calls Smart Download. This is if enabled from the download settings, will download automatically each episode of a TV show one by one without you having to download them manually.

Smart download on Netflix

Once you are done with downloading, anytime, you want to watch the movie or TV show you just downloaded on Netflix, go to the My Downloads section. Here you will see the title name along with information such as how many episodes(if it is a TV show) are there and the size of your downloaded content. From here you can play and watch offline movies and TV series on Netflix.

Final Word

Downloading a TV show or movie may seem very old school, but it has proved itself time and again. For this same reason, Netflix has added this feature to its mobile app users. With this, you can take the binge-watching to places where the internet connection is still not that reliable. Netflix has understood the convenient of having the offline option. I hope you found this article helpful. Why do you need to download shows from Netflix? Where do you watch most of your downloaded contents? Is it while commuting? We would love to hear your thoughts. We will really appreciate if you share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles. 

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  1. I am from ethiopia and we don’t have a credit card, therefore I can’t create an account to download movies.
    I was wondering if there is any other way to download.

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