Xiaomi Teases a Smartwatch That May Run on WearOS

Xiaomi, one of the market leaders when it comes to annual smartphone sell, is planning to launch a smartwatch next month. Xiaomi may sound a foreign name for most people in the USA and other western markets, but in other parts of the world, it is a household name. In markets such as China and India, Xiaomi is a big name and sells millions of devices each month. The Chinese based smartphone giant is now trying to disrupt the wearable market by launching its smartwatch lineup. Xiaomi is already a key player in the wearable market, with over 12.6% market share only behind Apple Watch lineup. But it mostly consists of its fitness band like the newly launched Mi Band 4. Xiaomi is hoping to re-create its smartphone success in the wearable market by launching smartwatches.

Several rumors were making rounds on the internet that Xiaomi might launch a smartwatch on November 5th, 2019, in China. Now Xiaomi has made it official by sharing renders of upcoming smartwatch. In a post, the official Mijia Weibo account has shared a few key features along with renders and designs. 9to5Google already confirmed in a blog post that the upcoming smartwatch from Xiaomi might name as “Mi Watch.”

Mi Watch OLED Display

According to the images shared by the Official Mijia Weibo account, the smartwatch looks awfully similar to the Apple Watch. It looks a little thicker than the Apple Watch, in my opinion. One side of the watch houses an Apple Watch style crown, while the other side has what looks like a speaker and a hole for a mic. From the look of it, it looks like the smartwatch has an OLED display panel.

Mi Watch Qualcomm 3100 Wear CPU

It is also kind of confirmed that the latest Qualcomm Wear 3100 CPU will power the Mi Watch. Qualcomm 3100 Wear is the latest CPU from Qualcomm, which is designed for smartwatches and is among the powerful CPU available for wearables.

Mi Watch Call feature

One image posted by the Mijia Weibo account shows a call screen on the Mi Watch. It is, however, not clear if you can actually talk directly on the watch or just answer/decline calls, which is available on most smartwatches. Even the newly launched Mi band 4 has the call answer or decline feature.

Mi Watch impressive hardware

One of the images shared by the Same official Mijia Weibo account shows off various hardware this watch will come equipped with. According to the image, the Mi Watch will have WiFi, GPS, NFC, and eSIM. The image says that the watch will come with a large battery, but doesn’t specify how large.

Even though there is an official confirmation, the Mi Watch may likely run on the latest Android WearOS 2.28. Last month in an APK teardown article, 9to5Google had written that they found codes indicating a smartwatch from Xiaomi. The code also revealed that the device from Xiaomi is likely to be named “Mi Watch.” So, this smartwatch may be the Xiaomi wearable device.

If Xiaomi launches a smartwatch and is able to make it popular, it may boost WearOS popularity. It all depends on how well Xiaomi makes this product and how well it prices. We will have to wait for November 5th to know more about this Mi Watch, along with its price and availability.

Are you a smartwatch person? I am personally not a big fan of smartwatches, but I would like to see where this market goes. Currently, only Apple is the only company that is seeing success in this market, and I would love to see an Android alternative to Apple Watch. Will this be Xiaomi? I don’t know. What do you think? Do you think Xiaomi will be able to make Android Wear popular? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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