Amazon Fire TV is Making it Easier to Find Free Contents on Amazon Fire TV

If you want to make your dumb TV into a smart TV, then Amazon Fire TV is one of the best options you can choose. It smartly converts your regular TV into a smart TV by allowing you to watch all kinds of online content. It is also cheap, and you can install many different apps and services according to your preferences.

As you can install all kinds of streaming apps, you can pretty much decide what kind of content you want to watch. Many streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu requires a subscription, and at the same time, many other platforms such as Tubi TV or Crackle don’t need any additional subscription. Though the interface on Amazon Fire TV was intuitive, at the same time was inefficient if you were looking for free-content only. Amazon hopes to solve that problem by introducing a new ‘Free’ tab on its main menu.

According to an Amazon Fire TV blog post, the newly added tab will feature contents from many ad-supported platforms such as IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle, The CW, and the News app on Fire TV.

The Free tab gives customers the ability to discover a library of free content that is refreshed regularly, composed of movies, TV shows, and much more,wrote Michael Polin in the blog post. “It also features a set of personalized, recommended rows of free movies and TV shows across categories like new, trending, and popular, as well as a dedicated row for news content powered by the News app on Fire TV.

Amazon also says that the free tab will feature other types of free content including unlocked content from popular streaming services, as well as a row of kids and family content for customers through Amazon Prime Video.

In the same blog post, Amazon also pointed out that the free content on Amazon Fire TV from different streaming partners adds up to 20,000 free movies and TV episodes.

With this new update, Amazon is directly competing with Roku, which recently added a similar “Featured Free” section.

The newly added Free will be available for all customers in the USA starting today. Update for countries may start soon.