Best 6 Free Anime Download Sites to Download HD Anime Legally

Anime is one of the best things to come out of Japan. If you look around you, you will see more and more people are now watching Anime than ever did. Anime movies and shows are highly addictive, and the best thing is all ages can enjoy it. Whether you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult, there is anime for everyone. The first anime show can be traced back to 1917. Anime has come a long way since then. Earlier, access to anime shows or movies were a difficult task altogether, but in this day and age of the internet, it has become more accessible. You can watch all kinds of anime movies or shows by using different anime streaming sites from your phone, laptop, or computer from anywhere in the world.

There are two ways you can access anime episodes from the internet. You can either use online streaming sites to watch online or use anime download sites to watch HD anime offline. The first method requires a fast and reliable internet connection while for the 2nd method you can download an anime episode or an entire series to your device and watch offline without the internet. Today in this article we will share a few awesome websites where you can download anime episodes free and legally.

Best 6 legal Anime Download Sites for Downloading Anime for Free

There is a huge misconception among the general population is that downloading content from the internet is illegal. It is not true; downloading illegal content from illegal websites is illegal. The same rule applies to anime too. Finding a good legal site for anime downloads is not going to be an easy task. That is where we come in; in this article, we will share a few amazing legal anime download websites to download anime episodes free and legally.

1. Funimation – Download English Dubbed Anime

Funimation is one of the most popular anime sites and apps for anime streaming and anime downloading in the world. It has close to 1000 anime series in all different categories. You will find some popular anime series like Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and more on Funimation anime download platforms. This free anime site for downloading is known for its dubbing anime series that means on Funimation you can download English dubbed and English subbed anime series from the internet for free.

Funimation has both free and paid membership options. As a free consumer, you will get access to hundreds of free anime series that you can both download and stream. By going premium, you will get all the shows that are available to free users plus a few more anime and the ability to stream anime series in HD. If you are a big-time anime fans, then going premium makes sense.

By default, Funimation doesn’t allow you to download anime series on to your computer. However, you can use their app for Android and iOS to take anime series offline and watch without the internet connection. The number of anime series and movies Funimation is offering to users easily makes it one of the best websites to free download anime legally.

[su_note note_color=”#d4d8db” radius=”2″]Note- Funimation is only available in the USA. Viewers from outside of the USA needs to use a good VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass the restriction.[/su_note]

2. YouTube

YouTube- free download anime sites

YouTube is by far the best video streaming platform currently available. On YouTube, anyone is allowed to post and share any videos with the world. That is the reason why you see many independent creators coming on board to YouTube and sharing their creations. YouTube sees millions of users daily. That is is the reason why many corporations are also using YoouTube to showcase their products. Anime is no different. If you search properly, you can find many popular anime movies and series on YouTube. You can download those anime series for free from YouTube legally. There are also many anime-related channels on YouTube where you can download free anime online.

Some of the most popular anime-related channels on YouTube are:

Funimation: Funimation is the official YouTube channel of the anime downloading site Funimation. On this channel, they upload many anime series and their full episodes for everyone to stream/download for free.

KADOKAWAanime: This YouTube channel is part of the Japanese anime streaming platform KADOKAWA. On this YouTube channel also you can find some popular anime series and anime movies that you can either download or stream for free on YouTube legally. KADOKAWAanime is in Japanese, use Google translate if you don’t understand Japanese. Also, all the Anime series/movies are in the Japanese language with subtitles.

How to Download Anime Episodes from YouTube?

There are two ways to free download anime episodes from YouTube in HD.

  1. Use an android app or iOS app to download the anime on to the app and watch offline whenever you want. This method is easy but you cannot store the video in the usual mp4 or mkv format for later purposes.
  2. You can also download videos from YouTube using 3rd party tools to save the video to your local storage. We have an article where we have shared how to download YouTube videos be it anime series or a movie.

YouTube is one giant platform to find and download an unlimited number of videos including anime. If you use YouTube wisely, then YouTube can also be one of the top free anime download sites where you can download free anime episodes, anime movies, and full anime series in HD legally.


free anime downloads using Archive or better known as Internet Archive is one of the best places to download movies, TV series, and anime. It is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve our digital history for future generations. The archive has archived versions of many movies, videos, news clips, and anime in its database. Anyone with an internet connection can access all those collections of anime and download them for free. All the contents stored on this platform has been acquired legally by the organization.

On Archive, you can download all anime – both series and movies – in HD quality. This free website also offers multiple options for downloading. You can either choose to direct download or by using torrent links. In our testing we found torrents to be faster than downloading from the link. To download using anime torrent, you need to have torrent clients installed on your device.

Internet Archive is really an amazing anime download site to download anime free and legally.

4. Hulu

Hulu- anime free download website

Another popular anime download site is Hulu. Hulu is among the top online streaming platform, and here you can watch all kind of movies, TV series, sporting events, documentaries as well as Anime movies and series. Hulu anime library, in particular, has a good number of anime series and movies. You can find some really popular anime series available on this platform.

Hulu is a free streaming site where you can access hundreds of free anime legally. But by paying a small fee every month, you can get access to an even bigger anime library. By default, Hulu is a streaming platform. Recently Hulu has introduced a new feature where you can take videos such as anime episodes offline from their app for Android and iOS and watch those videos offline anywhere and anytime. Hulu is, in my opinion, one of the best sites to free download anime episodes online.

[su_note note_color=”#d4d8db” radius=”2″]Note- Hulu is currently operating in the USA only. So, to access free anime downloading, you are required to be in the USA. That can be solved by using any good VPN service such as ExpressVPN to bypass the restriction.[/su_note]

5. Netflix

Netflix- anime downloading website in english dubbed

Netflix needs no introduction. It is the most popular online streaming platform out there. It has millions of subscribers worldwide. Netflix is also investing loads of money and resources in creating and acquiring content including anime. The Anime library on Netflix has grown by multiple folds in the past few years. You can access both amazingly popular Anime series like Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and also Netflix original anime series like Devilman Crybaby, Knights of Sidonia, Last Hope, and more.

Netflix is not free forever. It is only free for the first 30 days when you first sign up. If you have never used Netflix before then, it is the golden opportunity to take advantage of this offer and download unlimited anime series and movies for free in HD. Netflix is a streaming platform, but it also allows download options for Android and iOS users. You can download anime episodes by downloading each episode on the app and later you can access them offline from the app.

The number of Anime Netflix has in its library is insane and makes a perfect anime downloader site for legal anime.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video- Anime downloading and streaming in HD

Prime Video from Amazon is also one of the best anime sites to watch and download anime series and movies online. Realizing the anime demand, Amazon has invested and keep investing in adding more and more anime series and movies to the library. Currently, Amazon Prime Video has over 100 anime movies and series which also includes many all-time favorite anime shows.

Anime video quality is one of the highest priorities for Prime Video. All the anime series can be downloaded in HD, UHD, SD, and 4K. Every anime also comes with both original language as well as in English dubbed and subbed variant. Amazon Prime has been successful in acquiring much on-going anime series which can be downloaded as soon as it is available.

If you subscribe now, you can enjoy unlimited anime for free for one month, and then if you like the service you can choose to continue by subscribing to its monthly or annual plan.

Downloading anime on Amazon Prime is only available for mobile users on Android and iOS users. By using the download feature on the mobile app, you can download HD free anime shows for free and legally.

10 More Free Anime Download Sites to Watch Anime Series Offline

The Internet is huge, and it can not be limited to just 6 websites. There are thousands of more free anime download sites out there. Here is a list of 10 more websites to download free anime episodes online in HD.

Here I must warn you that most of the sites in the below table can be classified as illegal and pirated in many countries. I am listing these sites here for educational purposes only. We here at SpaceFacebooks don’t promote piracy at all.

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

Sl No. Free Anime Download Sites URL
1 KissAnime Kissanime (dot) ru
2 9Anime 9anime (dot) nl
3 AnimeTosho AnimeTosho (dot) org
4 Projecy Gxs Project-gxs (dot) com
5 HorribleSubs Horriblesubs (dot) info
6 GogoAnime gogoanime (dot) io
7 MasterAnime MasterAni (dot) me
8 Nyaa Nyaa (dot) si
9 AnimeTorrents nimetorrents (dot) me
10 HorribleSubs Horriblesubs (dot) info



Thanks for sticking to the end of this article of best sites for anime downloads free and legally. I hope you liked this article. We have poured in our resources to find all the suitable websites for this article. All of these sites are free, and in most cases legit where you can download anime movies, anime series, anime episodes, English dubbed anime and English subbed anime in HD quality. Please share this article with your anime fan friends and tell them where to download anime for free. If you want us to write any specific article, let us know in the comment section. Thank you for reading, we will meet again in another blog post.

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