Best Free Music Streaming Sites and Apps to Listen to Free Music Online Without Downloading

Can you imagine a life without music? No music while commuting, no music while studying, no music while driving, no music when you are lonely. Yeah, me neither. Music has become an integral part of our daily life. Gone are those days when one had to buy music CDs to own a song. But now you don’t even need to own a song; you can simply log in to any online music streaming site and app and start listing to music online without downloading. The Internet has made the music listening experience that easy. There are now hundreds of free and paid online music streaming platforms for all kinds of devices. All of those sites aim to give you a seamless experience while offering millions of songs at your fingertips. Most online music streaming services now support multiple devices, which means you can start listening from your smartphone and later can continue from your PC or laptop. Isn’t it cool?

As I said earlier, there are both free and paid music platforms to listen to music online without downloading. It is a misconception among the general people that having a paid subscription of music streaming can only deliver a quality experience. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are many online free music streaming sites and apps that one can use to listen to millions of songs for free without having to download anything. In this article, we will share some amazing free music sites for online music streaming on the app, desktop, and other smart devices.

Top best free music streaming sites and apps

Top Free Music Streaming Services to Listen to Music Online Without Downloading- Websites and Apps

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular free music streaming platforms worldwide. It has millions of listeners worldwide listing to millions of songs each day. Being one of the largest streaming sites and apps, Spotify has one of the largest libraries of songs in all popular genres. All the songs free streaming on Spotify are of high quality. Spotify uses machine learning and AI to understand what kind of music you prefer to listen, and suggests the songs based on your listening habits. Spotify is getting really good at suggesting songs for you.

This streaming platform is available on all major platforms. You can use its streaming site to listen on the browser or download its app for Android and iOS to listen on the go. There is also an app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Spotify’s music streaming has both free and paid membership. As a free member, you will gain unrestricted access to all the songs available on Spotify. A premium user can download a song to listen to offline while a free user cannot do that. Also, as a paid member, you can skip unlimited tracks while for free users that are limited to few skips a day only. The biggest difference is that free users will have to listen to ads after every few songs. I have personally used the free version of Spotify for many months, and I really liked the service. If you don’t mind listening to a few ads occasionally, then Spotify is one of the best music streaming sites and apps you can try to listen to free music online.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another popular free music streaming platform where you can stream hundreds of thousands of songs for free without downloading. You can search for songs by song name, artist name album name, and more and stream instantly. There are hundreds of pre-made playlists for you to start playing depending on your mood and activity.

Google Play Music- Free music streaming services

Another cool feature of this free music site is that you can upload almost 50, 000 legally downloaded songs to stream them from anywhere online. Google Play Music is available on the Google Play Music website, Android app, and iOS app. This music service from Google has both free and paid membership. The free membership is ad-supported and requires you to listen to songs only as a radio station based on your interest. But if you upgrade to premium, you can enjoy ad-free music with unrestricted access to over 40 million songs and the ability to listen offline.

Google Play Music is definitely one of the best free music apps for music streaming on Android, iOS, and on the website.

3. Pandora

Pandora also is known as Pandora radio, are another popular free music site and app for online music streaming. Pandora work as an internet radio where you can listen to songs which have similar music trails. You can select few artists, and genres and Pandora will create few radio stations around those interests. You can rate those songs selected by the system with thumbs down or thumbs up. Pandora learns from your learning habit and becomes better over the period. On this music streaming platform, you can listen to unlimited tracks with few ads in between. You also get unlimited skips, personalized stations, and access to hundreds of free podcasts.

Pandora- Listen unlimited songs sites and apps

Pandora music streaming supports both web browser via their website and apps on Android and iOS. Pandora also offers a few paid plans which will enable you to access the Pandora library ad-free and also you can play on-demand songs if you like. Pandora is one of the best free music sites for online music on Android and iOS smartphones.

[su_note note_color=”#bebebe” radius=”2″]Note- Pandora is currently only available in the USA. If you are from anywhere else and wish to use Pandora, you can do that by using a good VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass the restriction.[/su_note]

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online music streaming platform where creators upload their music and share it with people. It is like YouTube but for music. If you are an artist, you can share your music with the world through this platform. On SoundCloud, you can discover so many talented artists who otherwise are unknown to the masses. Since anyone can upload their song onto this platform, it is a little hard to find a good artist and good song, but once you find and follow few artists of your choice, you will only see good music on your feed.

Like other services, SoundCloud also learns your music habit and suggests music that you will love. All the music on SoundCloud is free with few ads in between. Even you can start listening without creating an account. SoundCloud does have a premium plan called SoundCloud Go+, which offers ad-free and offline listening.

If you are someone who loves to listen to new and independent artists, then SoundCloud is the best website to listen to free songs. SoundCloud also offers apps for Android and iOS devices.

5. Gaana

Gaana is one of the largest music streaming platforms for India and Indians living outside of India. It has one of the largest libraries of Indian songs both Bollywood and regional songs. Gaana offers high-quality songs in almost all countries worldwide. You can stream unlimited songs for free online without downloading anything. India has the second-largest English speaking country in the world, and a huge chunk of Gaana users listen to English music. For that reason, Gaana has a huge library of English music songs which you can listen to online for free. You can find almost all the latest English songs. If it is new and/or trending, you will find it on Gaana.

Gaana- to stream free songs without downloading

Just like other music streaming services in this list of best free music sites and apps, Gaana also offers both free and paid services. As a free user, you will have unrestricted access to all the songs Gaana has to offer. The service will be ad-supported, and you won’t be able to download songs in case you wish to play offline. You can fix both problems by subscribing to their Gaana+ paid subscription.

This free music platform can be accessed from both its website and from the app for Android and iOS. Gaana is a wise choice if you like to listen to Indian songs as well as international English songs.

6. YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the largest platforms, where people and creators can upload all kinds of videos. This has opened the door for millions of creators to show their talents to the world. Music is also one of them. Many creators who had no resource earlier now making music videos of their own and sharing on YouTube for the world to see. YouTube Music is a service by YouTube, which only lets you stream music from YouTube. You can find and listen to all those music that are available on The interface is very unique, and there are also ready-made playlists for you to listen to unlimited numbers of songs for free online from YouTube. This makes YouTube music one of the best music streaming platforms to listen to free songs online without downloading.

YouTube Music- one of the best music streaming sites and apps free

YouTube Music also recently launched a premium service, which will let you play music in the background and also the ability to take music offline for online streaming. YouTube Music free service includes occasional ads that can also be turned off by subscribing to the premium service. YouTube Music can be accessed from its website at or by its app for Android and iOS.

There is no doubt that YouTube is a great alternative site to listen to free music online.


There you have it, a list of best free music streaming sites and apps for online music streaming. All the music platforms on this list are legal and free. You can listen to an unlimited number of songs from their websites as well as music apps. Also, all the services on this list offer premium services that add many other features such as ad-free music, the ability to take songs offline, and on-demand music.

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