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Unblocked music is a great source of music for students from all over the world. We all love to listen to some good songs; it helps us focus on our work. No matter if you are a student or someone with a profession, music is equal for everybody. It is easier for us to listen to a song whenever we feel like listing to one. We can simply go to any popular music sites or use any app such as Spotify on our phone and start listening to songs right way. But for students, it is not that easy. Most schools now have started blocking entertainment websites – including music sites – to stop students from ‘wasting‘ their time.

Since students have no access to music sites anymore, they have started looking for online unblocked music sites where they can listen to songs unrestricted. So, you might be wondering what is unblocked music sites? Well, unblocked music sites for school are those free music streaming services that are not blocked in a school. To restrict students from accessing music sites or any other sites for that matter, school administrator blocks all those popular sites that they think students visit. There are many lesser-known free music streaming services available where you can listen to music without getting shut down by your school. In this article, I will share 20 of those best music websites for school going students.

20 Best Unblocked Free Music Sites For School to Listen to Songs From School

Please note that these free unblocked sites are not a replacement for your premium streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music. These are just free music sites that happen to be unblocked in most schools across the globe. While we are mostly talking about unblocked music at school, rest assured that these free sites for unblocked music also work in other places like office or university. So, as that is out of the way, let’s check the list of best music sites unblocked at school to stream free music online.

1. Scratch

Scratch- online free music unblocked at school

Scratch, in my own experience, the best free unblocked music platform for school students. It has thousands of songs that you can stream for free using its platform. What is Scratch exactly? Well, Scratch is developed by MIT as a platform for students to get creative and create online interactive games and animation. It teaches students to code and animates in the most creative way possible. Because it is a creative platform for students, many schools officially allow students to go on Scratch unrestricted.

How to Use Scratch to Listen Unblocked Songs Online at School?

Using Scratch to listen to songs in school is very easy and requires no extra effort.

  1. Visit the website and search for the song you want to stream.
  2. Your search will return many projects created by students that include the song you want to listen to.
  3. Now all you have to is start the project, and the song will start playing.

Because Scratch is officially endorsed by most schools in the USA and other countries, the chance of this site getting blocked is non-existant. Scratch is no doubt among the best unblocked music sites for schools and colleges. Don’t just use Scratch as a medium for music, use it to challenge your creative skill and learn to code and animate.

2. Tune In

TuneIn- best unblocked music for students

Tune In is the next best free unblocked website for listening to musics in school. This online music streaming site acts as an internet radio that brings both your local radio stations as well as radio stations from across the world to your fingertips. It has a wide variety of radio stations from almost all countries in the world. It categorizes radio stations based on their contents, such as Music, Sports, Podcasts, News, Talk, and more. As you want to listen to songs at your school, choose the Music section, and you will be presented on a huge list of radio stations.

Just select a radio station and start streaming high-quality songs directly in your school. The only problem is that you don’t have the freedom to choose a song you want to listen to. You have to listen to whatever song is playing at that moment. If we ignore that only disadvantages, Tune In is definitely a great source for listening to unblocked music when you are at school or on school Wi-Fi.

3. Gaana

Gaana- music streaming unblocked at school

Gaana is an Indian equivalent of Spotify that offers both paid subscription as well as a free ad-supported subscription. This online streaming site is very popular in India. Still, at the same time, it is almost unheard of in other countries. And for this reason, many students use this Indian platform as an unblocked music website for schools and colleges. Being an Indian music platform, you would think it is only for Indian songs, but that is not the case. It has a wide verity of English songs as well as songs from other countries.’

Yes, the English song selection is fairly limited; it is still better than nothing. As I said earlier, Gaana has both free and paid membership. The free membership comes with ads while the premium service is ad-free. I wouldn’t suggest you go for the paid membership unless you like Indian songs, in that case, go for it. If you are looking for a site that is reliable and free for music streaming unblocked, then you should give Gaana a try.

4. Google Music

Google Music is Google’s answer to Apple Music and Spotify. Like other music streaming platforms, Google Music has millions of songs in its database. Google music is accessible from Because its URL has in it, it is harder for schools to block without blocking the main domain. This is the reason why many students are using Google Music as a hack to listen to free songs from the school.

Coming back to Google Music: it has millions of songs and can be accessed for free. It has both free and paid subscription options.

5. HulkShare

Hulk Share- listen unblocked songs at school for free

HulkShare is another among the best free unblocked music sites for school goers. Instead of just acting as a music streaming platform, it works as a social media platform for discovering talented artists and their creations. It connects artists and singers with audiences all over the world. This platform offers free cloud storage for artists to upload their music and video for music lovers to listen to for free. According to the HulkShare website, it has close to 9.5 million music tracks from about 300,000 artists.

Hulk Share is a great platform for discovering new independent artists and their amazing songs. The service is completely free for both artists and audiences. Because Hulk Share acts more like social networking for artists, the chance of its being unblocked in school is very high. You can listen to millions of songs for free using Hulk Share at school without signing up.

6. Slacker

Slacker Radio one of the best music websites for school students

The next site in this list for music unblocked sites is Slacker. Slacker is an online streaming platform that acts more like an online radio than traditional music streaming services. Instead of playlists, you have stations based on various moods, genres, artists, albums, and more. You can search for any specific song, artists, album, or genre using its search functionality. It is a great online streaming site for songs that allows anybody to listen to thousands of songs for free without signing up or logging in.

Slacker uses smart technologies to learn more about your music preferences and creates stations based on songs that you might like. And I must tell you; Slacker gets really great at suggesting songs once it starts to know your music preferences. Even though it lacks the on-demand music listening option, it is still among the best when it comes to listening to unblocked music at school unrestricted.

7. Unblocked Music Google Sites/Google Drive

The next unblocked music site is a not just single site but a category of sites. These sites are called Google sites or Google drive. Listening to unblocked music on Google sites is a new trend among school students as it ensures 100% success. Google sites are a free blogging platform from Google that uses domain name. So, in order to block those unblocked google sites for music, your school must block the entire domain, which is highly unlikely. By taking advantage of this loophole, many developers have created music sites on these Google sites to create music streaming services.

There are hundreds of Google sites for this purpose, and you need to find the best one according to your needs. You can simply search for ‘free unblocked music Google sites‘ on Google to find a huge list of music sites in this category.

8. Groovesharks

Best unblocked music sites to listen to free songs online

Groovesharks is another popular music website for schools that allows students to enjoy music in their schools. There was a time when Grooveshark was one of the leading music streaming platforms, and that can be seen with its huge library of free songs. The interface is very minimal and easy to use. To listen to a song, you can either search for a song name, artist name and album or browse by different genres.

The music streaming is completely free and doesn’t ask for registration. Grooveshark has a long history of being unblocked in most schools and colleges. If you are a student and want to access music from your school Wi-Fi or computer unblocked, try Grooveshark.

9. Soundzabound

Soundzabound- free unblocked music at your fingertips

Soundzabound is an online music platform for school and university students. It houses a vast library of free royalty-free songs for students to use in their podcasts, videos, presentation, shows, and other similar activities. The free library consists of thousands of songs, music, and sounds that any student can access, listen, and download for free.

Because it is a site for students, it has been observed to be unblocked in almost all schools and colleges. You can search for a song by its name, release year, album, artists, label, and genres. Not all songs on Soundzaboud is free; however, the free library is my opinion should be enough for a student to enjoy songs for free at school.

10. AccuRadio

AccuRadio- online internet radio and unblocked music

AccuRadio is another popular free internet radio and unblocked music site suitable for students. It has a decent library of songs from all popular genres and artists. You can browse radio stations based on genres, artists, and moods. According to AccuRadio, it has over a thousand unique channels/stations and serving more than 1.5 million listeners every month.

Listening to songs on AccuRadio is absolutely free and it doesn’t even ask for registration. However, if you like to track every song you are listening to, you may need to register with AccuRadio. Like every other internet radio, you can not play songs on-demand. If that is not a deal-breaker for you, then this free online music site is best for listening to some songs online at school.

More Free Unblocked Music Services for School and Colleges

The internet is huge, and so is the list of best unblocked music sites. Here are 20 other free music sites for school students to listen to free unblocked songs from their school.

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  Unblocked Music Sites Status
#11 Saavan Unblocked
#12 CCTrax Unblocked
#13 PureVolume Unblocked
#14 AudioMack Blocked
#15 BlueBeat Unblocked
#16 PlaylistSound Unblocked
#17 Hungama Unblocked
#18 Jamendo Unblocked
#19 Pandora Blocked
#20 Unblocked Music Weebly Unblocked
#21 Dash Radio Unblocked


Final Word

There you have it, a list of 20 best free music sites for school to listen to unblocked songs online. These unblocked music websites are great for listening to songs for free when you are at school. Many of these sites don’t even ask for registration; that means you can straight go for music streaming without wasting much time. As I said earlier, these sites are good for listening to songs unblocked at school and not a replacement for your premium services such as Spotify or Apple Music. I hope you enjoyed this article and found some working music sites that are unblocked in your school. Do you know any other music sites that you use? Please share your suggestions in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your school buddies to listen to unblocked music in your school together.

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