[Legal] 7 Best Free Music Download Websites to Listen Songs Offline

Songs are like that friend who stays by your side in your saddest moment to your happiest moment. A good song can cheer you up and make you forget your stress full day. Different people like to hear different songs and different genres of music. No matter what kind of music you love, I am sure you turn to the internet to listen to your favorite songs. We all do! The internet has become our friend in finding good songs from different artists from different backgrounds. While music streaming is gaining popularity, downloading songs is still a trend. Downloading music and listing offline gives you the freedom to take your music everywhere, even places where internet connectivity is still in a struggling phase. Finding a good free music download site is a challenge in itself, and finding legal free music download sites sounds impossible. Well, if you also think the same, then I am here to prove you wrong.

In this article, I will share 7 best free music download sites to downloads songs FREE and LEGALLY.

Best Free Music Download Sites for Legal Songs Download

These are the 7 best free songs download websites where you can download music from many different genres for free and legally.

1. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive- free music download sites for legal songs

Free Music Archive is among the best music download sites and the best place to start looking for music that can be downloaded legally. Every song available on FMA is free, and you can download it legally for free. Most of the songs available at Free Music Archive grant you license for personal use, but there are a few songs that have the license for free commercial usages. You just need to know which songs grant what license. If you are an individual and looking for songs that you can listen to, then you don’t need to worry about its license. Just find and download any song you like.

Its homepage features all the popular songs, artists, and newly added songs. If you want you can search a song by genre, music name, artist and more. There are also many pre-built playlists based on different moods and genres that you can give a try. Downloading a song on FMA is very easy, you just click on the download the little download button and your song will start downloading. Free Music Archive is definitely a great website to check if you are looking for the best website for legal music downloads for free.

2. SoundCloud

Sound Cloud- best music download sites for free legal songs

SoundCloud is a free music platform that allows users to stream and download unlimited free songs — originally developed as a platform for artists to share their songs and collaborate with other artists. For this very same reason, here you will find many talented independent artists sharing their beautiful songs, which you generally won’t find on other music streaming platforms. Not just independent artists, many big singers also use this platform to share their creations with the world for free. As a listener, this free music website is free, but if you are an artist, then you may have to pay a small monthly fee to use this platform.

While SoundCloud is mostly known for streaming free songs online, you can still download most of the songs for free. Not all songs available on SoundCloud is available for download. While the song downloading is free, you may have to sometimes like or follow the artist on social media to unblock that download option. With the type of songs and artists available on SoundCloud, it is no doubt among the best free music download sites to songs for free and legally.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music Free- best free sites for songs downloads

Amazon likes to give free stuff. If you search at the right time in the right place, you can find many goodies for free from Amazon. Goodies including, free books, apps, cashback, and also free music. Amazon has its own music streaming platform called Prime Music, which is like Spotify but for Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon has another music category where it gives aways many songs for free. The free songs category is very limited, but still, you will find some amazing songs here to download and listen offline.

After buying a song — for free, obviously — you can download the song for offline listening or use Amazon’s Music app to listen online for free. All the songs that you download for free from Amazon are legally yours, and you can use them for personal use only. Amazon is a big name, and if you can download free music online, then you must not miss.

4. Jamendo

Jamendo- free legal music download sites

Jamendo is an online platform for downloading independent music. All the songs featured on Jamendo are protected by the Creative Commons license, which allows you to download every song safely and legally. The platform is for independent artists to upload their songs for people to download and enjoy offline. Jamendo is a huge music download site with over half a million songs in its database. You can browse all the songs by music genre, artists, popularity, playlists based on different genres and moods, and radios based on different genres and moods.

Apart from downloading, Jamendo also lets the user to stream music online for free — no registration or log in requires. It is important to note that though all the songs available on Jamendo is free to download, those songs are meant for personal use only. Any commercial use may count as illegal. With the huge library of music and the ability to download all the songs for free without registration makes Jamendo one of the best websites to download free music online legally.

5. Noise Trade

Noise Trade- download songs for free online

Noise Trade is among the best sites to download legal free music online. It is like social media for artists and book writers. Here artists from all over the world post their own songs and books for their followers to download for free. Noise Trade is a great platform for discovering new songs and artists who otherwise unknown to many people. All the songs available on the platform are legal to download; you can download them for free without paying a single penny to anybody. However, if you want to support an artist, you can support by donating a few dollars to help them financially.

You can stream any song without registration; however, if you want to download any music, then you may have to log in with your email address. Apart from songs, you can also download free movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and videos. With all these options, Noise Trade is definitely a choice when it comes to downloading free music online legally.

6. Last.fm

Last.fm- legal music download from free website

Last.fm is an online radio station and music recommendation service which has millions of songs that you can listen to or download for free online. It tracks your music listening habit and recommends music based on what it thinks you will find interesting. Its recommendation engine is very pretty good at suggesting songs that you might like.

Many people think last.fm as a free music streaming platform, but very few people know that last.fm also has songs that you can download and own legally for free. There is a ‘Free Music Download‘ link at the bottom of the last.fm website, which has hundreds of songs that you can download for free. Last.fm is a great legal music website for downloading songs and streaming music online for free.

7. SoundClick

SoundClick is a platform for artists and singers to upload their songs and share with millions of users worldwide. This platform lets artists sell their music for a price, but the beauty is that most artists list their songs for free. That means most of the songs available on SoundClick, available for users to download for free and legally. And those who are not free, you can still listen to them online for free.

The site has over a million songs from thousands of independent artists all over the world. You can find songs in all popular genres. You will be surprised to see how many good artists are there who don’t get the kind of exposure that other musicians get. With the ability to download hundreds of thousands of songs directly from the artists makes this site among the top music download websites for legal free songs downloading.

Final Word

Downloading songs for offline listing gives us the freedom that online streaming can’t. You can bring your own music collection to places where getting hold of the internet is a challenge in itself. With the above mentioned 7 free music downloading sites, you can not just download songs for free but also legally. I hope you liked this article and found a good music website that suits your music needs. Anyway, do you like to download music or prefer online streaming? I am curious to know what you all prefer. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. While you at, please share this article on your social media wall and help us spread the word.

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