Einthusan Movie Alternatives: Free Legal Sites For Movies and TV Shows

India is a vast country with hundreds of languages and cultures. There is nothing called Indian movies, it is all the regional movie industry making movies for the local people. If you want to watch a video is in the Telugu language, there is a movie industry for that. The scene is similar for other regional languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and more. One of the prominent website to watch all these Indian regional movies have been Einthusan. Its library had over 4000 films in more than 9 Indian languages. It dubbed itself as “the largest collection in the history of SOUTH ASIAN FILMS.

That was then, now, the Einthusan site has been banned in many countries, including India – the market it targets. The reason? Authorities accuse that Einthusan hosts copyrighted materials on its website. Even though the Einthusan website itself claims that all of its 4000+ movie libraries have been acquired legally. Here is an original quote from the Eintusan website: “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content….. We strive to constantly acquire films in order to provide our users with hundreds of hours of entertainment joy.” It is pure confusion. As of writing this article, we couldn’t access the Einthusan website neither directly nor by using VPN. It seems like the site has been taken down.

Best sites like Einthusan.tv to download and watch free movies

Many people have many questions about Einthusan. Here we have gathered all the common questions that people have about Einthusan and tried to answer to the best of our knowledge.

Is it Legal to Stream Movies and TV series from Einthusan?

This is a tricky question. As we have mentioned earlier, law enforcement authorities have banned the Eintusan movie site citing copyright infringement. But on the other hand, if you look at the official Einthusan website (einthusan.tv), you will notice that they claim all the movies and TV series have been acquired legally. This raises the question, is Einthusan lying about their license or the law enforcement banned site mistakenly. To make the confusion worse, Einthusan used to offer a premium subscription model where users would pay a monthly fee to watch all the movies without any ads. No bootlegged movie website would ever do that.

So to answer the question: we don’t know if it is legal or not. We would only advise you to not access the Einthusan movie library if you are someone who respects copyright laws. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other sites like Einthusan where you can watch free movies legally. We will mention a few of those websites in the later part of this article.

Download Einthusan App

Another popular question among internet users is about the Einthusan app for Android and iOS. Many people have asked online in many forums about how they can download the Einthusan app. Previously when Einthusan wasn’t blocked, they had apps for both Android and iOS, which you could download from Google Play Store and App Store respectively. But now when you search for Einthusan app on the play store, you will find many apps that either poses as Einthusan movie downloader or mirror app for Einthusan.

We personally haven’t used any of those apps, and we do not recommend you use them either. Those apps could be hosting malware which if you install could pose a security risk. So be wise and do not fall for those apps.

How to Download Einthusan Movies and Videos

This is another popular question among internet users regarding the Einthusan website. If you search online about Einthusan downloader, you will come across many links that are claiming to be an Einthusan downloader. But the truth is none of them are legit. All they do is bombard you with all kinds of ads to make money from the popularity of Einthusan. We would strongly recommend you to not fall for those fake Einthusan downloader websites. If you are into downloading movies, then check out our list of best legal movie download sites to download free films legally.

Einthusan Kodi Add-on

If you want to watch Einthusan movies on Kodi devices, then there is an add-on that you can install for Kodi. This add-on enables you to watch all the films that are available on Einthusan.tv directly on Kodi. You can download and Install Einthusan Kodi Addon from Reason repository for Kodi.

Einthusan Login

We have seen many people searching for this term: ‘Einthusan Login.’ We honestly don’t know what this question actually meant. We think by searching the Einthusan login people are looking for a login link for the Einthusan movie website. Earlier you could log in to the Einthusan website to watch movies and other contents online without ads. But now that the site is down for some reason you can not log in or register into the Einthusan site.

Why Einthusan Not Working?

Einthusan.tv not working

We actually don’t know why the site is not working anymore. Earlier when the site was banned in India and other countries, we could still access the site by using a VPN. But now with VPN also we couldn’t connect to the site. It seems like the site has been taken down for some reason. We don’t know why the site is down or will it ever be back. For now, at least it is wise to look for Einthusan alternatives to watch regional Indian movies in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, and Marathi.

Top 100% Legal Free Einthusan Alternative Movie Sites to Watch Movies in Regional Indian Languages

100% Legal Einthusan Alternative Sites

Below is a list of legal movie site like Einthusan to watch free movies in Indian regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and more. These sites are 100% legal, unlike Einthusan, which means you won’t have to worry about these sites getting banned by the authority. Also, these sites are free, which means you can actually watch cinemas legally and free.

1. Hotstar

It is no brainer to suggest Hotstar in the place of Einthusan. It is free and legal and also hosts a huge number of movies from the regional movie industries. You can watch many blockbuster movies in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and Gujurati. Almost all the movies are available for free streaming with a few being exceptions. Not just cinemas, you can also watch regional TV series and shows on Hotstar. Hotstar also has an app for Android and iOS users, which gives you the flexibility to watch movies on the go.

2. SonyLIV

SonyLIV- Einthusan telugu and tamil movies alternative

SonyLIV is another popular Indian free streaming platform that is working towards bringing regional movies onto the mainstream. You can stream many famous films from all the popular Indian movie industries. The cinema library for both Hindi as well as local cinemas is massive with thousands of movies to watch for free. Just like Einthusuan, you have the option to install its mobile app for Android and iOS to download and watch videos on the go. SonyLIV is not only free; it is 100% legal as well.

3. YouTube

We have said this many times on this blog. YouTube is not just for finding content from independent creators; it is also a platform to watch free movies and TV series. If you search enough, you can find movies legally available on YouTube for anyone to watch. YouTube is free, and all of its contents are also mostly legal. If you want to watch a local film, start by searching on YouTube.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video- apid legal alternative to Einthusan

We know that Amazon Prime Video is not free, but still, we couldn’t stop suggesting Amazon prime. Amazon Prime Video has been focusing on acquiring more and more local regional movies and expanding its movie library for Indian regional movies. Now you can find many popular movies like KGF, Arjun Ready, Majili, and more. Apart from acquiring local films, Amazon is also investing a lot in making original series and movies for regional audiences. Amazon Prime is ₹999 per year, but believe us it is the best investment you will ever do. For one thousand rupees a year, you are getting access to hundreds and thousands of movies and TV series from India as well as international. This alone is enough for many people to subscribe to Prime Video. But Amazon offers more with this price. With Prime Video subscription you also get Amazon Music free subscription, free delivery on all of your shopping from Amazon, one-day or same-day delivery for most products and books from Amazon Kindle store all for free. As we said, this is the best way you can spend a thousand rupees.


Here you go! All the best alternatives to the Einthusan movie website. Also, we tried to answer all the popular questions people had about Einthusan. All these sites are focused on regional movie lovers by adding more and more new movies to their catalog. Also, these movie sites are free and legal, which is something that still a mystery around Enithusan. We hope you liked this article and found an excellent alternative to Einthusan movies. It is now your turn to tell us which is your favorite website to or download movies in local languages. Do you prefer to watch your local movi8es like Tamil, Telugu Punjabi, or mainstream movies like Hindi or English? We would love to know your thoughts on this article. Please share this article with your friend or family member who was looking for movie sites similar to Einthusan.