9 Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports Online Legally

The days of TV are slowly becoming things of the past. Every year millions of people are coming online and so is their entertainment and sports. Now no one likes to sit in front of a giant TV all day to watch live sports especially when they can watch online on the move. Just like movies and TV series, now there are many sports streaming sites that are popping on the internet where one can watch sports online live for free. If you are an avid sports fan and want to catch a live match of your favorite team or sportsman, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you 9 best free sports streaming sites where you can watch live matches for free.

There are two types of free online sports streaming: 1. Free but illegal and 2. free and legal. Many people believe that if a site is offering free games online, then the site must be illegal. That is far from the truth. Yes, it is true that many legal online sports websites are opting for a subscription-based revenue model. But there are still tons of websites where you can watch live sports online for free and legally. This article will focus only on free sports sites for online streaming. So, let’s check out 9 free websites for live sports streaming online.

8 best free sports streaming sites to watch free sports online legally

8 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports Matches Online Legally

1. WatchESPN

Watch free sports online free -ESPN

If you are a sports fan, then I am sure you know a thing or two about ESPN. For those who don’t know, ESPN is one of the largest sports broadcasting networks which has its presence in over 200 countries. ESPN also has regional channels in many countries catering to local sports requirements. That means WatchESPN is broadcasting all kind of sports both popular and not so much popular sports. WatchESPN is its online arm looking to tap into the online sports streaming demand.

On WatchESPN you can live stream many live sports including Basketball, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Cricket, Golf, Tennis and more for free. This free sports streaming site offer most of the live sports in HD and above video format making it good for the big screen also.

Except for a few matches, most of the sports live and otherwise are available for free for those who have an active plan for any of its partnered internet and/or cable connection providers. The good news, ESPN has a partnership with almost all the major service providers in the USA. WatchESPN is one of the most popular free sports streaming websites in the USA especially those who have an active connection from popular cable or internet service providers.

[su_note note_color=”#e6e8e9″ radius=”2″]Note- WatchESPN free content is only available in the USA. If you are a USA citizen living abroad and you have an active connection from partnered service providers, then you can access WatchEPN from anywhere in the world by using a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN for streaming and security purposes.[/su_note]

2. Laola1

Legal sports streaming site- Laola1

Laola1 was first started off as an online sports news website, but soon it had shifted its focus on online free streaming. Today Laola1 is one of the most recognized online streaming portals for sports and related events. On Laola1 you can watch live sports such as Football, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Motor Sports, Winter Sports, and many other international games. Laola1 is now a fully free and legal streaming website for sports. You can watch all the supported sports around the world for free, and they are legal. This website survives on advertisements, and that is how they are able to keep the site free and alive.

You will encounter ads before and in-between matches on this platform. Login/Registration is there but not mandatory. This free sports website is available on Desktop, Smart TVs, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets. Laola1 is truly an interesting free sports streaming site that is free at the same time legal.

3. SonyLIV

sports streaming websites free- SonyLIV

SonyLIV is one of the massive online free sports streaming sites for Indian in India. SonyLIV Live broadcasts sports that are very popular in India such as Cricket, Football, WWE, Tennis, NBA, and more. SonyLIV is a completely free sports streaming site where you can watch all the matches for free legally without paying anything. The service is ad-supported which means you will be served with few ads and that is how they are able to keep this service free for all.

Apart from live matches, you can catch other information such as match highlights, news, scoreboard, live score, upcoming matches, and more for every sport. SonyLIV is best if you want to watch free sports online legally. SonyLIV also supports premium membership which adds other entertainment options like live TV, movies, TV series. If you are only here for free sports, then you don’t have to subscribe to anything.

[su_note note_color=”#e6e8e9″ radius=”2″]Note- SonyLIV free sports is only available in India only. If you live anywhere other than India and looking to watch sports on SonyLIV, you need to use VPN. We here at TCN suggest ExpressVPN for all streaming purposes. It is fast, secure and cheap compared to other VPNs.[/su_note]

4. RedBull TV

watch free matches legally- Red Bull TV

RedBull TV is Redbull’s online platform where it live streams many sports, video clips, news, and much other information regarding sports. RedBull TV is among the top free sports websites if you are into adventure sports like biking, Formula One, Skiing, Water Sports, and all other sorts of adventure sports. RedBull TV is completely free for everyone with or without an account. RedBull is known to organize sporting events and mostly holds broadcasting rights as well. RedBull is one of the coolest places on the internet where you can watch free live sports online legally.

Apart from being a live sports streaming site, RedBull also offers other insights like news, top athletes, new records, and much more. There is also an official app from RedBull where you can watch live games free on your smartphone.

5. Hotstar

Watch cricket matches online free- Hotstar

Just like SonyLIV, Hotstar is also among the best free sports streaming sites in India for Indians. Hotstar is very popular in India because of its free movies, TV shows, and live sports. On Hotstar you can watch free live sports for Cricket, Kabaddi, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Boxing, and more. Hotstar is big for cricket matches both international and domestic. Hotstar is also one of the few online distributors for IPL matches in India and overseas.

Hotstar’s free live matches are only free those who are living in India and using either Jio or Airtel network. For others, you need to subscribe to Hotstar plans – which is dirt cheap I must tell you – to be able to watch live sports online legally.

[su_note note_color=”#e6e8e9″ radius=”2″]Note- Hotstar free contents are only available for Indians. If you are someone living outside of India and looking for Hotstar free sports streaming, then you can use any popular VPN such as ExpressVPN to connect to an Indian server.[/su_note]

6.Fox Sports

free sports sites to watch sports online- Fox Sports

Fox Sports is yet another top free sites to stream sports online legally. Fox Sports acquire online broadcasting rights for many sports, and all of them can be streamed from their websites Fox Sports. On the homepage itself, you will be able to see all the live sports that are being played worldwide. Apart from watching live matches, you can also catch match highlights, live score, news, special moments, video clips, match schedules, and much other information regarding sports.

This legal sports website is currently supporting many sports including NBA, NFL, MLB, Soccer/Football, Boxing, Golf, and NHL. The live sports streaming is free for those who have active data and/or TV service connection from one of its partnered providers just like with WatchESPN. Log in with your Xfinity, Directv, AT&T U-verse, Verizon, Cox, Spectrum, Frontier, Dish, Sudden Link, etc. account details and enjoy free live sports match legally.

[su_note note_color=”#e6e8e9″ radius=”2″]Note- Fox Sports is legally available for the USA and free for those who have a connection from one of its partnered service providers. If you are an American living abroad and has an active TV service connection, you can use ExpressVPN to connect to Fox Sports to watch free live matches.[/su_note]

7. Facebook

Facebook is among the best social networking sites with millions of daily users worldwide. On Facebook, you can find all kinds of content including live sports that you can watch for free. There are many pages – both official and non-official – who broadcast live matches different sports from time to time. This makes FB one of the best legal sites to watch free sports online and live. But finding live matches is the most tricky part, and that is the reason why this platform is not known for online sports streaming. But don’t worry, we will do our best to show you how you can watch free sports live on Facebook.

Step-1. Go to facebook.com/watch and in the left side search box type the sports you want to watch and hit enter.

Step-2. Scroll through the videos and see for the live badge. The video with a live badge is the live sports match video.

Facebook watch to watch live matches online free

Step-3. Click on the video to start streaming free online sports on Facebook.

Facebook is vast, and the content potential on Facebook is also huge. If used wisely Facebook can also become one of the best sports sites where one can easily watch free sports matches live.

8. Reddit

Reddit- the front page of the internet is one of the most visited websites in the whole world. Reddit is a community-driven site where users can create communities (subreddit) around a specif topic and engage with other users. On Reddit, you can find subreddits for every purpose, and live sports streaming is no different. Reddit itself doesn’t host any live sports event on its website, but there are subreddits dedicated to providers users with direct links to watch live matches.

With little effort, you can find hundreds of live streaming sites for sports online for any sport you can imagine. No matter which sport you are into, there is a subreddit to provide links to watch sports online free legally. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for us to list all the subreddits here in this article. You will have to do the hard work for yourself. But here are a few popular Reddit subreddits for where you can find top legal sports streaming sites for free matches.

9. Sony Pictures Sports Network

Sony Pictures Sports Network- free sports streaming legally

Sony Pictures has a couple of sports TV networks like Sony Six, Sony Ten, Sony Espn, and more. Sony Pictures Sports Network is an effort from Sony to bring all the sports content under one roof. Here you can watch all kinds of sports that are currently airing live on Sony’s TV channels. If no live sports are happening on any of the sports channels from Sony, then you can watch or read other important sports content like match highlights, funny moments, and news.

Sony Pictures Sports Network is basically the best sports website if you are into football or cricket. That is not to say that you can not watch other sports, it is just that football and crickets are more popular on this website. You can also download its official app for Android and iOS to watch live sports online on the go.


There you have it, a list of 9 free sports streaming sites which are not just free also legal. With these free sporting sites, you can watch any sports match for free live from anywhere in the world. Most of these sites are geo-locked due to license issues. You can easily overcome that hurdle by using a VPN such as ExpressVPN. Anyway, I hope you liked this article, and you found what you were looking for. Have you used any of the sites mentioned here before? Tell me in the comment section. If you found this article on free websites to watch sports online legally helpful, please share this article on your social media profile and help us spread the word.

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