Google Maps on iOS Can Now Report Traffic, Accident, Police Speed Trap and More

Maps on smartphones is a handy tool for millions of commuters worldwide. Instead of carrying a huge paper map, we can bring addresses for the world in our palm. There are many map apps for smartphone, but for the most part, Google Maps dominates the map apps market. While Google Maps is the default map app for Android users, iOS users have a choice to use Apple Maps instead. But many iOS users also choose to use Google Maps over its default Apple Maps.

Google Maps has one of the largest databases of address and business registered on its service, which makes it easier to find places that are hard to locate on other map apps. In addition to having the largest database, Google also offers many features on its app that many of its competitors can not offer. Recently Google Maps on iOS got a new functionality that will allow people to report live traffic reports. People can report traffic reports like road accidents, constructions, lane closure, disabled vehicles, slow down, and police speed traps.

These features are already available on Google Maps for Android for months now. Even third-party map apps like Waze has this feature. I don’t know why Google took so long to introduce such a useful feature for iOS users. Anyhow, this functionality is now available on iOS users. When a user reports a traffic incident like a crash or something, people driving on the same route will be alerted about the same with possible alternative routes.

How to Report a Live Traffic Incident on Google Maps for iOS

The procedure for reporting an incident on Google Maps for iOS is the same as on Android.


  1. First, make sure you have the latest Google Maps on your iPhone.
  2. Open the app and turn on navigation mode.
  3. On the navigation mode, tap on the small “+” to open traffic report options.
  4. Here you have the option to choose different incidents such as Crash, Speed Trap, Slowdown, Construction, Lane Clouser, and Disabled Vehicle.
  5. Select the incident you want to report and wait for a few seconds for the app to say confirm.

Now you have successfully reported an incident on Google Maps. People driving or commuting on the same route will be now able to see the reported incident.

Google is crowdsourcing more and more information in order to give real-time data for people around the globe. With the introduction of this new feature, commuters will benefit the most and save their precious time that would’ve wasted otherwise.

Do you use Google Maps on your iOS device, or you use Apple Maps or other third-party apps? If you are a Google Map user, do you think this feature will help people in a big way? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I am very curious to know what you have to say about this announcement. I would really appreciate it if you could share this article on your social media wall and help us spread the word.

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