GrabTheBeast Not Working? Best Grab The Beast Alternatives Sites to Download Free TV Series in HD

Grab The Beast is among the top free TV series download sites to download free TV series from the intent. It requires no registration and offers TV show episodes to be downloaded in SD, HD, and Full HD. The TV library of GrabTheBeast is also very considerably larger with many popular TV series. You can easily download TV show episodes like Game of Thrones, The Flash, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Chernobyl, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Dare Devil, and many many more. Downloading TV series episodes from Grab The Beast is also very straightforward with direct download options. Along with TV series, you can also download subtitles for the downloaded episodes all from one place. With all these features, it became among the top sites for people around the world to download free TV series and shows for free.


But recently, people are complaining that GrabTheBeast is not working at their end. There could be hundreds of reasons behind this strange problem, and not everyone is facing this problem. But still, it is a problem none the less. If you are also facing or have faced this problem in recent times, we are here to help you. In this article, we will look into what might be the reason behind this problem, along with possible fixes. We will also share the best Grab The Beast alternative sites, which you can use to download free TV series episodes online without registration.

Why Grab The Beast is Not Working Anymore?

There could be hundreds of reasons behind the Grab The Beast’s not working problem. But these are the most likely reason for this error. 

Grab The Beast May Have Been Blocked By Your ISP

The nature of Grab The Beast website attracts lots of eyeballs from ISP and law enforcement departments. Your ISP may have decided to block GBT to bar their customers from accessing the website. In this scenario, only one possible way to access GrabTheBeast TV site and that is by using a good VPN.

By using a VPN, you can encrypt all of your internet traffic and access blocked websites like GBT at the same time. There are many popular free and premium VPN services available on the internet that you can download and install on your device. If you take your internet privacy seriously, avoid using a free VPN, and go for a quality VPN service such as Express VPN or CyberGhost.

Something Gone Wrong With Your Browser

Every time you visit a website, your web browser stores some data in the form of Cookies and Cache. Cookies and Caches help remember browser to remember your favorite settings and other interaction with a particular website. This also enables you to save your internet bill as your browser doesn’t have to download each file every time you visit a website. Sometimes, the browser misplaces those cookies and caches, which in turn results in a faulty website.

How to Fix this Error?

You can first try to use a different browser to make sure that the problem is with your browser only. Once you verify that, clear all the cookies and caches from your web browser. Different browsers have different approaches to clear Cookies and caches. Just do a Google search, and you will find steps to clear web caches and cookies for your browser.

Problem With DNS Server

DNS or Domain Name System is the system that connects a bare IP address with a domain name. Every time you visit a new website, your computer keeps the record of that website DNS server to make it faster for you to visit the website 2nd time. Some time due to various reasons, the DNS cache files get corrupted, and that results in not being able to connect to a specific website, in this case, that is

A Simple fix for this problem is to clear the DNS cache of your computer.

For Windows users, open Command Prompt and paste the below command and hit enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

For Mac users, Open the Terminal app and paste the below command and hit enter.

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

This should clear DNS cache and allow you to access Grab The Beas website again.

Best Grab The Best Alternative Sites to Download Free TV series in HD Without Registration

Free TV Series Download Sites like Grab The Beast

GrabTheBeast still not working? Don’t need to panic. Here are 4 best Grab The Beast alternative sites to download TV series online free.

1. Adder

Adder TV is among the top TV sites like GRab The Beast

Adder TV is in our honest opinion the 2nd best TV series download site which has almost GrabTheBeast kind of features. Just like GBT, you can find TV series and download episodes directly, download subtitles, and find HD series episodes all for free. The site has a simple layout with a smart search box. As soon as start typing, Adder will start searching before you complete the sentence. The only thing that lacks is the huge library of TV series that you are probably used to with GBT. That being said, if you are looking for popular TV series episodes, then you won’t be disappointed. Adder has almost all the popular TV series and their episodes. For lesser-known and latest TV shows, you may have to look elsewhere.

2. TvSeries (.) cc

TV Series- Free GrabTheBeast Sites alternative

TVSeries is a fairly new TV series download site which has surprised us with its TV show library. You can find all kind of TV series, both new and old here, and you can download them for free without registration just like you do with GrabTheBeast. Unlike GrabTheBeast, TVSeries doesn’t offer direct download links but to make up for this; it offers multiple download sources. That means if for some reason one download link is down, you can always choose the next one.

Other features include a modern homepage layout, TV channels menu for finding TV series by network, TV series calendar for keeping track of all upcoming episodes, and more. All these features with a robust TV series library make this a great TV series download site like

3. ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents- free Torrent site for HD episode download

The next Tv download site in this list of best free Grab The Beast alternative sites is ETTV Torrents. As the name says, this is a torrent site for TV shows and thus do not expect direct download links. That being said, it has a massive library of TV show torrent links. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ETTV has more TV series in its database than You can use the search functionality to find a particular TV series or select one from the homepage. You get to choose the video quality before downloading TV series torrents.

Apart from that, you also get a short description of every episode and other information regarding the TV series you are downloading. It is a perfect site for TV series torrenting if you do not mind to download a torrent client on your device.

4. Sony Crackle

Legal TV site alternative to Grab The Beast

Sony Crackle is a legal alternative site for Grab The Beast which you can use to stream as well as download TV series on your smartphone. Sony Crackle has a decent TV library mostly consist of licensed shows from many popular TV networks along with few Sony Crackle original shows. Just like other websites on this list, you can download TV show episodes in HD, SD, and Ful HD.

Sony Crackle is an online streaming platform for TV series and movies, so in order to download TV series, you need to use its Android and iOS app. From there you can download episodes and watch them on the offline.

Final Words

Grab The Beast is a useful website for TV series download, and there is no doubt in that. But currently, many people are facing the problem where they are unable to open Grab The Beast, and for some, it is not working as it should. Here in this article, we have shared a few possible reasons behind the problem and its solutions. Also, we have shared 4 best free TV series download sites like GrabTheBeast for downloading TV shows. We hope you found this post interesting and helpful. We will really appreciate if you share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles.

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