GrabTheBeast Not Working? Best Grab The Beast Alternatives Sites to Download Free TV Series in HD

Grab The Beast is one of the finest platforms for watching online content such as television shows and series.

People are enjoying their favorite TV series without any monthly subscription. Apart from this, you can download your favorite TV shows to watch them later.

In addition to this, you can also grab the subtitles from the same place. Although, there is no prerequisite to get yourself register on it. Thus, you keep downloading the famous tv serials in multiple resolutions in SD, HD, or FHD.


In every way, GrabTheBest remains the best website for free tv shows. Because it has a wide range of content in its library, you can easily download various shows and series such as Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Dare Devil, Walking, etc.

The downloading process for episodes from Grab The Beast is much easier than anyone can imagine.

But, unfortunately, globally, many users have recently reported that GrabTheBeast is not operational on their ends.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are still relishing the free tv series and shows. However, we will try to figure out the problem soon in this article.

For this particular cause, there could be several possibilities and a large no. of solutions. If you are currently experiencing or have previously had the same issue, we got your back and came up with better replacements of GrabTheBeast.

In this post, we will be looking at the issues and their solutions in the first part, while the second part will be completed on the best alternatives of GrabTheBeast. Therefore, you can keep enjoying the free content on the web without paying or subscribing. We will also provide the finest Grab The Beast alternatives, which you can use to get free TV series episodes online without registering.

Why Grab the Beast is not working anymore?

On the whole, there might be many reasons that might cause Grab The Beast not to work properly. However, we will put the sight on the most occurring reasons. 

1. Internet Service Provider Has Blocked:

In most cases, the internet service providers (ISPs) blocks the GrabTheBeast website on the main gateway. Hence, you are unable to access the site. It results when a large no. of people directs to the same page at sudden.

Solution: The preferable solution is using any decent VPN when watching or downloading free content from GrabTheBeast.

With the help of the worldwide servers, you remain within the secure network of the provider. However, there are lots of services provider offering both free and paid virtual private networking services. The only difference would be security.

We highly recommend taking your privacy on a serious note and always opt for high-quality service providers such as Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost or Express VPN. 

2. Faulty Cache of Browser:

Your web browser keeps storing the information in the form of cookies and cache. It performs this job to protect your personal browsing preferences and to load webpage quickly.

For this purpose, any browser would try its best to save your data usage. However, sometimes, the cache or saved information becomes faulty, stopping your browser load to the particular website.

Solution: To rule out the possibility that the issue is with your browser alone. Therefore, consider changing and using a different browser. Afterward, please ensure to delete all the previous cookies and caches.

Every browser has different options and setting to clean cookies and cache. There are multiple methods to wipe out the problem-causing caches. You can do further research on search engines on steps to clean cookies and caches of your relevant browser.

3. DNS Server Issues:

Domain Names System (abbreviated as DNS) plays an important role in connecting your Internet Provider (IP) address with the domain name. In easier words, your computers start to make cache for the DNS servers.

Therefore, you have a quick and smoother experience visiting that particular webpage. But, somehow, over time, the DNS cache files are corrupted. In such a situation, your computer will be opening all other pages except

Solution: The only easiest solution is clearing the faulty DNS Cache from your computer. Although, every operating system has its commands for the complete removal of previously logged cache.

Windows Users can easily Command Prompt and paste the following command code and hit enter button.  ipconfig /flushdns

Macintosh people can more quickly go through the Terminal application and perform the same step. But, the command code would be different. sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

All mentioned commands have been proven and tested to get quick access to your favorite Grab The Beast.

The Best Alternatives Sites to Grab The Beast.

Free TV Series Download Sites like Grab The Beast

No worries! Even if GrabTheBeast still does not work smoothly at your side, we got you covered so you can switch to other better options to keep enjoying free TV shows and serials. Let’s put a glimpse at the best substitutes to download and watch TV Series online without paying even a single penny.

1. Adder

Adder TV is among the top TV sites like GRab The Beast

Adder TV ranks second among the best and honest options while looking for the best website to download TV Series. Over and above, the design and layout of the entire website are very comforting, simple and easy to use. It has an embedded smart search box that helps find your desired series or shows.

In particular, it starts showing the results as soon you will be typing the alphabets. Henceforth, you will have the exact search query on your screen. The platform is very much similar to the GrabTheBeast. You can watch online or download the episodes along with their subtitles at high definition quality.

The only drawback of this online platform would be the limited range of series and shows in its library. You cannot compare it with GrabTheBeast in aspect. However, you will get most of the famous TV shows/series here. If you are particularly looking for less popular shows, it is not for you.

2. TvSeries

TV Series- Free GrabTheBeast Sites alternative

TvSeries is a comparatively newly launched download site with amazing content (show) library. You can easily get both television series (or shows) of both the old and new era. This website has also managed to copycat the famous GrabTheBeast.

But, you would have to struggle to download links from other sources as the page itself offers direct downloading. However, there is no registration very much similar to GrabTheBeast.

Apart from this, the overall layout design has a more visible homepage. It has a noticeable and operational TV channel menu that helps you categorize your favorite channel by the network.

Furthermore, these amazing search options and a great list of famous tv-series and channels make a great alternative to

3. ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents- free Torrent site for HD episode download

ETTV Torrents is the best choice and alternative for Grab The Beast when downloading the series from torrents. As the name suggests, it is a torrent site with a wide collection of TV Shows and Series. Moreover, the torrent site does not offer direct download links like GrabTheBeast.

In this way, ETTV has more quantity of the contents (shows/series) in the library. It has a vast collection of TV series torrent links. It would not be incorrect to argue that ETTV has a larger database when compared with

You can easily enjoy and find out the content of your choice with the help of its search option. You can either select popular shows from the main page or search them. Before jumping into downloading portion, it offers the selection of video resolution to select. If you are the person who is willing to download shows on any device, this will work for you.

Besides, before downloading the episode, the platform offers a summary and information for the relevant series and episode.

4. Sony Crackle

Legal TV site alternative to Grab The Beast

Sony Crackle is a wide-famous legitimate substitute option for watching and downloading online TV Shows on your smart devices. It is offering a great number of licensed series from favorite television channels.

Similarly, you can also download your loved tv serials in different video options such as SD, HD, and FHD. This website is a great alternative to GrabTheBeast. Besides, it also offers online streaming for multiple operating systems, which means you can enjoy their free services on your smart devices like Androids or iOS.


In a nutshell, GrabTheBest always remains on the top for functionality, comfort, and content library. Without any doubt, it has plenty of modern series and shows airing on television. Interestingly, millions are enjoying the free content from Grab The Beast, whilst some are still struggling to get access.

However, we have shared the possible problems (issues) discontinuing people to watch famous TV series on it. Besides, we have also given out quick and effective solutions to all those enlisted problems. Thus, our readers can sort those issues to keep taking benefits from the free TV series on Grab The Beast.

Apart from this, we also came out with other working alternatives so that our readers can easily download TV shows on the go. If you believe this post was informative, please share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other means of communication.

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