Yahoo Finance & Cryptocurrencies — All You Need to Know

Yahoo’s platform, called Yahoo Finance (stylized Yahoo! Finance), plays a huge role in the finance sector. It’s capable of covering everything related to finance, including various markets, stocks, personal finance, tech, industries, and more.

Most importantly, Yahoo also covers cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have a huge impact on the world’s finance, and they have become an inevitable part of every site that covers this topic. This article will cover Yahoo’s take on cryptocurrencies and what you can learn by visiting the popular platform. Read on.

Cryptocurrency News

If there is one thing that plays a massive role in bringing prices of cryptocurrencies up or down — news related to this industry. Needless to say, Yahoo is one of the most popular sources of information about specific cryptos and has thousands of daily readers. 

The Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin New section covers all crucial updates on popular cryptos. Even though Bitcoin is the main focus, you’ll also find plenty of info about Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, and more. The news section provides updates on values, prices, and significant changes that affect popular cryptocurrencies in any way. You’ll also find price predictions, as well as pieces on newcomers to the crypto family, such as various startups, ICOs, and more.

The Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Yahoo Finance is another excellent source for those interested in learning more about popular cryptocurrencies. You can find more about their relevant features, such as the current price, price change, market cap, trading volume, and more.

Yahoo’s screener is quite comprehensive, but, sadly, it’s not original. Yahoo uses data from CoinMarketCap, which is widely regarded as the leading screener in the world of cryptocurrencies. Still, those interested in reading the latest industry news and learning more about cryptocurrencies will find dealing with Yahoo Finance’s help convenient.

By selecting one of the cryptocurrencies, you’ll be able to access its quick summary, chart, historical data, and overall profile. Moreover, each crypto comes with a Conversations tab where users can comment on it.

The Heat Map

Yahoo! Finance Heat Map

The Heatmap view offered on Yahoo Finance provides an interactive overview of each cryptocurrency’s market cap share. It will help you understand the current dynamics in the market, which could be essential for many trading strategies.

Can You Trade Cryptocurrencies on Yahoo Finance?

Unfortunately, Yahoo Finance doesn’t offer any trading options for those who are looking to swap cryptocurrencies. The good news is that there are plenty of other great services that can help you here.

For example, if you want to trade Litecoin for Bitcoin, you can use an LTC to BTC converter and get the job done. Still, you’re always free to use Yahoo Finance in addition to your trading activities. It offers the latest industry news that can be beneficial to your trading strategies. Moreover, feel free to use Yahoo’s cryptocurrency screener to analyze the market and make your moves accordingly.

Yahoo Finance — A Short History

Yahoo Finance is registered as a media property and an important part of the Yahoo! Network. It was launched on January 19, 1997, and has been active ever since. The owner of Yahoo is Verizon Media, and the current Editor-in-Chief is Andrew Serwer. One of the key personalities behind Yahoo Finance is Joanna Lamber, the current General Manager of the company.

Throughout its history, Yahoo Finance had a significant impact on the industry. According to Nathan Richardson, the company’s former General Manager, Yahoo Finance managed to increase the annual revenue from $10 million to $110 million. Moreover, it expanded the number of content partners to 200 in 2009. In fact, Richardson was one of the most important people responsible for the company’s huge success.