Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music Without Mobile Data or Wifi

Music is something that everyone loves to listen to. No matter what you are doing, music in the background is a must. Music genre can be different, but every one of us is hard-wired to listen to music while doing something or doing nothing. Whether you are reading for your exams, working for your next big start-up, running, gyming, or driving, music is there to accompany us. While writing this article, I had to play a Spotify playlist to focus on my work. So, what I am trying to say that music is becoming a significant part of our day to day life. Especially because online streaming platforms have made music so much accessible and affordable.

Most people now prefer online music streaming apps to listen to music, but these platforms require an active internet connection. If you are living in a big city, then this is not a big problem because there are always Wifi networks available. But when you go out of the city like a long road trip or to a rural place where finding a Wifi network is not just hard sometimes impossible also. Yes, mobile data is an option but have you seen how expensive mobile data plans are? So what do we do? Offline music apps are the best option here. You no more need to go to suspicious-looking websites to download music for your offline adventure. You can download any of below mentioned offline music apps for your Android or iOS, and listen to music without using Wifi or mobile data. Also, as a bonus, these offline apps are completely legal.

Best offline music apps to listen songs without using internet

Best Offline Music Apps for Android and iOS to Download Music for Offline Listening

Here is the list of best free music streaming apps, which also lets you take your music offline. So, without further ado, let’s check these apps for Android and iOS.

1. Spotify

With over 108 million paid users and over 217 million total active users, Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world. It has operations in over 65 countries and has millions of songs from thousands of artists. Spotify tops every chart of best music streaming services and rightly so. Spotify uses machine learning technology to learn more about your music taste and makes sure to suggest songs that you will enjoy. Spotify has become so good at suggesting songs that many people love this service for this purpose only. Spotify offers many features; one of them is the ability to take music offline. Yes, with Spotify, you can download any songs onto your device and listen to them without the internet.

You can download any number of songs and playlists on your Android or iOS smartphone and listen to them without using mobile data or Wifi. Spotify music library can be streamed for free, but if you want to take the advantages of its download features, you will have to get their premium subscription. In my opinion, getting its premium subscription is worth it considering you get a lot of features that are otherwise missing from the free Spotify.

Download and install Spotify for free for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is the 2nd largest music streaming platform after Spotify. The music library of Apple Music is as large as Spotify if not bigger. Just like Spotify, Apple Music is also offline music playing app for your smartphone. You can download any music from your music library by either downloading the playlist or downloading individual songs. To take any song or playlist offline, you have to click on the three-dotted menu right next to the song or playlist and tap on the download icon.

This will take your music offline, which you can play when you have no internet connection on your phones. Apple Music app is available for all kind of devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and iPad. But the download function is only available for iOS and Android apps.

Download and install Apple Music for free for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

3. Amazon Music

The next offline music app for offline music listening is Amazon Music. Amazon Music is a music streaming platform from Amazon which is available for free when you buy the Amazon Prime. It has over 2 million songs in all major languages. You can access the music from their Amazon Music app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and its website. If you are using its smartphone app- both Android and iOS – you can download any music or playlist on your phone for free and listen to them offline without Wifi or internet. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can enjoy premium music streaming and downloading for free with Amazon Prime Music.

Download and install Amazon Prime Music for free for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

4. SoundCloud

If you are someone who loves to discover underrated singers and artists, then SoundCloud is the best music platform for you. This free music streaming service allows artists to upload their own creation to the site and share it with the larger audiences. SoundCloud is a free platform that also offers offline music downloading. This offline music app lets you download any song or an entire playlist on to your smartphone, which you can later listen without an active internet connection. SoundCloud is a free platform for music listeners, but if you are an artist and looking for uploading music to the platform, you might have to subscribe to their premium plans.

Download and install SoundCloud for free for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

5. YouTube Music

YouTube is music heaven as all independent artists, as well as music label companies, upload their songs to the platform which you can watch for free. All the songs are in video format on YouTube, which is not ideal when you want to listen to songs without burning your internet data. This is where YouTube Music comes in. It is a new music app/service for listening to songs uploaded to youtube. Google also uses technology to learn more about music habits and suggest songs and playlist curated for you. YouTube music is a free music app with premium plans. If you choose the premium plans, you will get a few more extra features such as background playing, ad-free songs, and most importantly, offline playback. You can download any number of songs and playlists from this offline app for songs to enjoy music even when you are without the internet.

Download and install YouTube Music for free for Android and iOS devices.

6. Gaana

Gaana is for our Indian brothers and sisters who are looking for offline music downloader apps for downloading songs. This is an Indian music streaming app where you can listen to songs both online and offline. Gana houses millions of songs not just in Hindi or English language but also in other Indian regional languages. You can easily listen to the latest songs from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Urdu, and other music industries in India. One-third of the Indian population speaks the English language, which can be seen from Gaana’s English song library.

Gaana is a free music streaming service with premium offerings also. But to download songs from Gaana, you need to opt for their premium subscription. After that, you can easily download any specific song or an entire playlist for offline music consumption.

Download and install Gaana for free for Android and iOS devices.

7. Slacker radio

Slacker is one of the largest music streaming apps for smartphones and computers. It is an internet radio for sogs where you can select stations based on your interest. Slacker is a free music app but also offers premium/plus subscription. With Plus subscription you can download any song, station, and playlist to your smartphone which you can enjoy later when you are offline. The download functionality is only available for mobile apps, but for online streaming, you can download the app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Downloading free songs from offline music apps seemed a difficult task. Not anymore. With these music apps, you can easily take any songs offline and listen without using mobile data. These apps and websites for downloading music are legal, thus saves you from any malicious websites you might have to visit otherwise. Most of the music apps in this list allow free music offline features except a few. I hope you liked this article and found a good music app for taking songs offline. Next time when you are on a road trip, you know which app to use to download songs for offline consumption without the internet. Don’t forget to share this article with your audiophile friend(s) and leave a comment if you have any questions.