Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Like Firstrowsports | Watch Live Games

Are you looking for similar sites like FirstRowSports for online live streaming of sports? Well, you have stumbled upon the right article. When it comes to online sports streaming, there are only so many websites where you can watch online live games. FirstRowSports or is one of such websites. It is one of the largest and oldest sports sites to watch sports online for free. Here you can find and watch all kinds of international as well as local matches live. It supports almost all types of games like football, soccer, boxing, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, basketball, cricket, rugby, and more. If there is a live match happening at an international level, rest assure that FirstRowSports will be broadcasting that on their website. Another great advantage of FirstRowSport is its mobile-optimized web layout. This allows anyone to watch sports online on mobile phones such as Android and iOS.

That being said, it is not all well with FirstRowSports. Recently it is facing multiple problems lately, which is forcing long-time fans of this live sports website to look for alternatives. For one, many people have complained that they are unable to access FRS for many reasons also at peak sports hour, it faces lots of downtimes. Recently few ISPs have also started blocking FRS from being accessible. If you have faced any or all of these problems with FirstRowSports in recent times, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share some of the best online sports streaming sites like FirstRowSports. These FirstRowSports alternatives are sports platform which offers free live streaming of sports matches happening round-the-globe. Just like with FRS, you can watch a wide variety of sports from Football/Soccer to ice hockey and boxing.

Best FirstRowSports Alternative Sites for Online Free Sports Streaming

1. Laola1

Laola1 is one of the best free streaming sites for all kinds of live sports. The website which started off as a sports new portal soon converted itself to a full-fledge sports channel with a sports streaming option. You can still find sports news along with other sports information like match schedule, match highlights, videos, and of course live sports streaming. Laola1 has supports for all kinds of popular sports like Football, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Motorsports, Table Tennis, and more other sports. You can watch sports online for completely free, and it is also legal. Being a legal sports portal costs money and to cover that, Laola1 rely heavily on ads. So get ready to see a few ads in-between sports.

The mix of free and legal sports streaming makes it a good alternative site like FirstRowSports and even better. If you are someone into legal online streaming and don’t mind a few ads, this is a great website to watch sports online for free.

2. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is ESPN’s online streaming arm which has garnered so much popularity in recent times. ESPN is one of the largest sports broadcasting networks which has its operation in most countries. ESPN covers almost all kinds of sports in a bid to cater to all kinds of sports fans. You can watch popular sports like Football, Basketball, NFL, IPL, NBA, Golf, Formula 1 to lesser-known games like Frisbie, Kabaddi, and more. You can watch live streaming of most matches happening along with sports news, match schedule, replays, top videos, and more. Expect a few matches; most sports are available for free for those who have an active internet or cable connection from partnered providers. The good news is, ESPN has a partnership with almost all major cable networks in the USA. This means you can watch all the sports events live for free from your computers and smartphones.

Are you from the USA and looking for free sports streaming like FirstRowSports, search for ESPN Watch instead.

3. Reddit

Reddit- the front page of the internet is a community platform and not a sports streaming sites. But the content of Reddit covers all kinds of topics, including sports. There are over 100,000 subreddits which cover all kind of topics. You can find many dedicated sports subreddits like NFL or football. Reddit itself doesn’t host any sports streaming, but the community can direct you to live sports streaming links for any sports. All you need to ask in the right subreddit. Here are the top sports subreddits for you to get started.

You understand that it is almost impossible for us to list all the subreddits here, right? You will have to do that for yourself. Once you find any good subreddit for sports that you follow you can ask for streaming links in the subreddit. Most people on Reddit are helpful, and you will have direct links to watch any sports you like.

Reddit honestly is not an alternative site for FirstRowSports, but rather it is a tool to find streaming sites for any specific match or game.

4. Red Bull TV

Next, in the list of best free sports streaming sites like First Row Sports, we have Red Bull TV. Red Bull, as we know an energy drink brand which also has a sports branch where you can watch matches live, videos, news, and sports clip. Red Bull Tv is mostly for adventure sports like MotoGP, Biking, Formula 1, Water Sports, Racing, Skiing, and other sports in that genre.

This platform is free and available worldwide. Red Bull either organizes most sports on Red Bull TV or sponsors them. Red Bull also generally holds the broadcasting right for those events. Instead of hiding live games behind a paywall, Red Bull broadcast it live for free through its website.

Red Bull may not have those popular games like Football, Basketball, NFL, NBA, Cricket, and other games of that nature, but still, it is one of the best and free legal sports streaming websites.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian streaming platform for movies, and TV series also offers online sports streaming. This platform is mainly for Indian sports like Cricket matches, IPL, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Golf, Swimming, and BOXING. If you are into these sports, then Hotstar is a no brainer. Being an Indian sports streaming network means you can only access Hotstar from India. The service of this site is free for all users who are on Jio on the Airtel network. If you are some who lives outside India, you can use any good VPN service to connect to Hotstar and watch live sports for free, just like you would with FirstRowSports.

Best FirstRowSports Mirror Sites/Proxy Sites

FirstRowSports is a popular site which why it is understandable that people are looking for its proxy or mirror sites to unblock the website. Here are a few fast and working First Row Sports mirror sites and proxy sites list.



There you have it! A complete list of best free sports websites like FirstRowSports to watch live matches online. These FirstRowSports alternative sites are, in most cases, legal and do not require registration. We have also shared a few working proxy sites and mirror sites for FirstRowSports. We hope you enjoyed this article and found what you were looking for. Feel free to share this post with your sports-loving friends and family member. If you have any questions regarding this article and its content feel free to post them in the comment section.