Sites Like Rainiertamayo – 6 Free Legal Alternatives to Rainiertamayo Movies and Tv Series

Sites Like Rainiertamayo Movies and TV series: Rainiertamayo or as few people also called Rainierland was among the most favored websites to watch free movies and, TV series among internet users. You could stream hundreds and thousands of HD movies, TV series all for free. Anyone with an internet connection could access the site and start streaming Rainiertamayo movies and TV series. It also had one of the largest databases of movies and TV series of that time. You could, in theory, watch any movie you could think of. But now you might have noticed that the Rainier Tamayo site is dead. And the reason behind it is that the site has been closed and the man behind the site is behind the bar facing several charges of copyright infringement. So, many people are now looking for sites like to watch free movies and TV series. In this article, I will list six free and legal Rainiertamayo alternatives for you to watch all your Rainierland movies and/or TV series for free.

What Happened to Rainiertamayo?

So you must be wondering, what on earth happened to the site? Here is your answer:

best free sites like rainiertamayo movies

In recent years, several popular pirate movies and TV series websites like Primeware, EZTV, and YIFY-Torrents were blocked following the order from UK high court. To fill in the market demand, a computer science graduate from Philipines created a site and named it after his name, i.e., Rainier Tamayo. It soon gained popularity thanks to its massive collection of movies and TV series. The success was short-lived as the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime arrested Rainier Tamayo in 2016 and the site was taken down.

You must have come across many sites that claim that is now running on different URLs. Let me assure you that there is no official mirror site of Rainierland, so, you should visit those sites on your own risk.

Many people believe that to watch free films or television shows you have to rely on pirated sites. But that is not true. There are many legal websites where one can stream all kinds of movies and TV series for free and legally. In this article, I will share as many as six free legal websites like Rainiertamayo where you can watch TV shows and movies for free and legally.

6 Free Legal Alternative Sites to Rainiertamayo Movies and TV series

Similar sites like Rainiertamayo

We did our best to find the best websites similar to Raniertamayo for TV shows and Movies.

1. TubiTV

Tubi TV Rainiertamayo alternative

TubiTV is my absolute favorite site when it comes to finding Rainiertamaoy movies alternatives. This site is free and legal with thousands of hours of movie and TV series in its database. TubiTV also has an exclusive agreement with popular movie studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more which gives them the edge from the competitors. TubiTV is great to watch movies that are released in recent times. Tubi tv is absolutely free, all you need is a free account on TubiTV (no credit card require) to access the library unrestricted. Another favorite feature of TubiTV is that it supports a wide range of devices. Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many other devices are among the supported devices on TubiTV.

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2. YouTube Free to Watch Movies

YouTube- Best site like Rainiertamayo

YouTube recently introduced a new category which they named “Free to Watch.” In this category, you can find hundreds of movies from popular production studios, and all of them available for free. At the time of writing this article, YouTube has more than 115 movies in this category. All the movies are free and legal to watch. In my opinion, YouTube’s ‘Free to Watch‘ movies are the top alternative to Rainiertamayo movies.

Currently, these movies are only available in the USA, so, if you are living in the USA and looking for Rainiertamayo movies like sites, then YouTube is the place to go.

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3. Hulu


Another popular free and legal alternatives to the Rainiertamayo movie list is Hulu. Hulu has both free and paid accounts. Many people generally go for Hulu Plus(paid account), but if you decide to opt for a free account, you will still be able to stream hundreds of movies for free. Not just movies, Hulu free account also gives you the opportunity to stream Tv shows worth hundreds of hours. Like YouTube’s ‘Free to Watch’ movies, Hulu is also only limited to the USA. But with a good VPN service, you can easily access Hulu from any country possible.

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4. Vudu


Vudu is another similar site like Raniertamayo where you can catch many latest movies and Tv series for free. Vudu is an ad-supported platform which means you are served ads every time you watch a movie. Due to this business model, Vudu is able to offer many movies and TV series which were only available through paid subscriptions on many other sites. This Rainier Tamayo alternative site has an entire free section where you can find films and TV shows worth hundreds of hours. If you feel like, you can also buy a single movie from this platform for an ad-free experience.

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5. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Yahoo View is Yahoo’s movie and TV series streaming platform. Like many other legal platforms, Yahoo also has both free and paid movies and TV series. Yahoo also produces a few of its original TV series. You can find many interesting movies, TV series, and documentaries available for free users on this platform. Yahoo View has recently partnered with Hulu which gives it the power to serve many TV series from big networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox.

Interestingly many movies and TV series on these platforms come with an expiry date. So if you see a movie or TV series that you like, then you should watch as soon as possible because Yahoo might remove that any moment. Yahoo View would be a perfect alternative site to if you like to watch TV series from popular American networks.

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6. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is also one of the best alternatives to Rainiertamayo free movies and TV series. Being a service from Sony, it has all the latest movies from Sony and other big studios. You can expect to see some popular movies along with many TV series. Most of its contents are geo-blocked, due to which its movie library defers from country to country. In my view, the USA has the most number of movies and TV series. If you are from any other part of the world, then I would suggest a good VPN to change location.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#cf6e46″ color=”#ffffff” size=”14″ center=”yes” radius=”20″ icon_color=”#008000″ rel=”nofollow”]Sony Crackle[/su_button]


So, these are all the top and legal free movie sites similar to RainierTamayo. If you love RainierTamayo, then you will also love these sites, and more importantly, these sites are legitimate, so you get the peace of mind that you are not breaking any law. I hope you like this article on the best sites like the movie site. If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment in the comment section below.

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