Google Finally Adds Dark Mode Toggle to The Play Store App

The dark mode is the hottest trend around the apps and web services communities. We see every other app is getting dark mode every other day. Nowadays it is everywhere. All of your favorite apps already have this or in the process of getting one. If you are an Android user, and running Android 9 or above, then most of the Google Apps already have dark theme enabled depending on your system theme preference. That means if you are using system-wide dark mode features, then most of the apps also switch to dark themes automatically. This is great, but having a dedicated toggle is much more convenient and gives you the freedom to set themes for individual apps.

Few Google Apps like YouTube and Google News already have dark mode toggle in the settings. That being said, most other Google Apps like Play Store, Google, Google Chrome, Google Photos, and many more have no such options. These apps switch to the dark mode or light mode depending on your system theme setting. Many users online have asked Google on many occasions to give dark theme toggles for individual apps and it seems like Google is finally listening to them. According to an article published on Android Police, Google is testing an option to let users set the theme for the Google Play Store app. Many phones have gotten an option in the settings to set themes for the Google Play Store app. This experimental feature is limited to a few select users only, and it seems like it is only available for users running Android 10.

This test feature is a server-side experiment and there is no APK that you can download to enable this toggle manually. There is no official word from Google about this new feature and when/if it will come to other devices. Nevertheless, it is a great start by Google to add individual theme settings to give more control to users and how they want to use certain apps.

I am a dark mode person, and I like when app providers go the extra mile to add a setting toggle to give the freedom to set my own setting. Do you also prefer dark mode everything like, or are you more of like the light theme person? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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