Pablo Escobar’s Brother Has Launched a $350 Folding Smartphone

2019 has seen a huge surge in folding smartphone popularity. We have seen phones such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Motorola Razr Phone 2019, and Royole Flexpai launching this year. Many other folding phones are also set to launch next year. While you can buy a folding phone today if you want but the pricing is something that is making those phones out of rich for many people. But guess what, we have a new folding smartphone that you can buy for just $350. Yes, you read it right, and the phone is manufactured by Roberto Escobar, brother of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Last time Roberto Escobar was in the news when he launched a flamethrower and accused Elon Musk and The Boring company of intellectual property theft. He alleged that the design of infamous Not a Flamethrower by the Elon Musk is based on a design he discussed with an engineer associated with Elon Musk.

Escobar Fold 1
Source- Escobar Inc

Coming back to the folding device launched by Escobar Inc, this device is called Fold 1. The Fold 1 folds outward like the Huawei Mate X and has a gap near the hinge, just like the Royole Flexpai. The interesting part is its price. The phone is listed on the website for $349. According to the website listing, Fold 1 is an Android 9 based device that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Series CPU, 16MP + 20MP dual-camera setup, 6GB/8Gb RAM option, 7.8 inches FHD+ display, and dual sim. It has other standard smartphone features such as a fingerprint scanner, fast charge, USB Type-C, and more. A 4,000 mAh battery to power the nearly 8 inches of display.

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There is also a premium version of the device which comes with 512GB of internal storage and 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and set to cost $500. Fold 1 is available unlocked and works on all the networks in the USA and worldwide.

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With the launch of a folding smartphone, you would think Escobar is targeting Samsung, but no, they are after Apple. In a comment to Digital Trends, Roberto Escobar said: “I have told many people that I would beat Apple and I will. I cut the networks and retailers, to sell to customers phones that can fold for only $349, phones which in stores cost thousands of dollars by Samsung and others. This is my goal, to beat Apple, and by doing it myself like I always have.

It gets even more interesting. He is thinking of filing a lawsuit against Apple for selling “worthless phones to consumers, overpriced.

“They are scammers, and now we are preparing the class-action lawsuit. They are cheating the people and selling worthless phones to consumers, overpriced. My lawyers have been ready for long time, but before I sue them and give money back to the people which they deserve, I wanted to show them that my product is much better. On January 6 of next year, 2020, the $30 billion class-action lawsuit will be filed in the courts of California of America. We want Apple to give some of their illegal profits back to the people. I will make sure of it. I have spent almost $1 million just on lawyers to begin this lawsuit.”

The phone is actually available on the Escobar Inc website, and you can actually place an order. Should you buy the device? I don’t think so. What do you think of this interesting launch? Please comment down what do you think of this new ‘Folding’ smartphone.

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