Use Your Apple Watch to Control Roku From Your Wrist

Roku is a smart media player device for your TV to access over the top (OTT) contents from different streaming platforms. It has gained the reputation of being a featured pack streaming device that aims to make your dumb TV into a smart TV. Smart TV is expensive, and instead of spending thousands of dollars on smart TVs, you can buy a simple TV for a fraction of that amount and then get a Roku to make it smart. In our opinion, Roku is even better than most smart TVs. Roku has introduced many features over the few years to enhance the user experience, and the latest addition is its app for Apple watch. Roku already has an app for iOS, and this Apple Watch app is just a wrist size version of the smartphone. You have all the similar features as your Roku app on your iPhone.

With the Roku app on your Apple Watch, you can use your watch a remote control for your Roku device. The minimal remote lets you launch channels from your wrist with just one tap. All the channels are listed in order of most recently accessed channel for the convenience. Furthermore, you can use your Apple Watch circular crown to control the volume of your Roku.

Another interesting feature is its voice search function. You can use simple commands like “Launch Hulu,” “search for comedies,” “switch to HDMI 1” from your Apple watch, and your Roku will perform those commands. This function is only available on Apple Watch 1-5 and on select Roku TV and device models.

We all have been through the pain of finding remote after misplacing it. Roku has added a remote finder feature to the Apple Watch app to make this process a little easier. You can use your Apple watch to send a signal to the Remote that you are looking for it, and the remote will make an audible chime.

To install the app, all you need to do is update the Roku app on your iPhone to the latest 6.1.3, and the app will automatically appear on your Apple Watch. You may need to install the app manually if autoinstall is turned off on your iPhone.

If you own a Roku and an iPhone and an Apple Watch, then this feature will make your Tv experience a little better. Do you think Roku should also launch a similar app for Android and WearOS? Please let us know in the comment section.