Best Unblocked Anime Sites to Watch Anime Unblocked At School

Free unblocked anime sites for school 2020:  Japanese anime series is a big hit in America and Europe. Its colorful anime characters, screenplay, creativity, storytelling, beautiful animations, and fight sequence are few of the main reasons why anime is so popular, not just in Japan, but all over the world.

Popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z and Pokèmon were household names for most kids growing up in the 90s and early 2000s.

Anime has fan bases in all age groups, but it is most popular among school and college students (at least in the west).

For most people in the west, streaming anime online is the only source to watch the latest anime series.

Anime adoption on TV networks has been slow and far fetched. Because anime is mostly available through the internet, students get very little chance to watch anime series. They spend most of their time at school, but at the same time, most schools have blocked anime sites on their WiFi.

For this reason, many students have started looking for unblocked anime sites in the hope to find sites to watch anime unblocked at school.

If you are a student and looking for best unblocked anime sites for school then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share some of the best 100% working anime sites that you can use to watch anime series free at school.

Best Unblocked Anime Sites to Watch Anime Unblocked at School

Watching anime series unblocked is no rocket science. All you need to know is some working unblocked sites for anime, and you are good to go.

We did all the research for you and came up with the following websites for watching anime at school unblocked. Remember that this list includes both free and paid anime sites. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of unblocked anime websites for school.

1. 9Anime (dot) to

9Anime is probably my personal favorite and one of the best anime sites to watch free anime series online.

It has hundreds of popular, as well as the latest anime series for anyone to stream online for free. 9Anime anime library can easily put many premium anime sites to shame.

Almost all the anime series and their episodes are available in high quality and optimized for both small screens and big screens.

One of the best features of 9Anime is that all of its anime collection comes with free English subtitles so that you can enjoy Anime to the fullest.

Probably the best reason to use 9Anime is that it is unblocked in many schools.

Many students have found 9anime to be unblocked and working smoothly. So, for those who were on the hunt for high-quality anime sites to watch anime series unblocked at school, 9Anime is the best website for you.

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2. Anime Jack’s Paradise – Unblocked Anime Google Sites

Google sites have always been a safer way for students to access unblocked content from their schools.

Anime Jack’s Paradise is a series of unblocked anime sites based on Google Sites’ blog platform where anyone can access anime series for free and unblocked. These sites have been designed for students and thus work as intended.

If you are a student and looking for unblocked anime to watch from your school, then you can find hundreds of free unblocked anime Google sites or Anime Jack’s Paradise with just a simple Google search.

Luckily you don’t have to search, we have compiled a list of best free Google sites to stream anime series/movies online at school.

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Sites Name URL
Anime Jack’s Paradise
Anime Raw
The Hangout


3. AnimeFreak (dot) TV

AnimeFreak is a well-known free anime streaming site which also happens to be unblocked in most schools and educational institutes.

It has a huge library of anime series from all popular networks. It is known for adding new series episodes as soon as possible.

It seems like AnimeFreak focuses mostly on English dubbed anime series rather than subbed anime. This sometimes creates a disadvantage for the website.

Finding an anime series is very easy, thanks to its multitude of browsing options. You can browse anime by genre, latest episodes, latest anime, popular anime, ongoing, and a few others.

If I had to pick things that I don’t like about Anime Freak, those would be its ads on the video player and the fact that you have to sign up (free account) to watch any anime.

Overall, AnimeFreak is a must-visit anime website not just as a source to watch unblocked anime at school, but also as a decent anime streaming site in general.

4. Veoh

Veoh- free website to watch unblocked anime

You can think of Veoh as a less popular YouTube. Just like with YouTube, users can upload contents and share them with the world.

Because it is not as popular as YouTube, the chances of it getting blocked are really thin. This makes it an ideal place to watch anime series without restrictions at school.

As for the anime catalog, it has a decent library of free anime series, mostly uploaded by users and some independent creators.

You will find many anime classics; finding the latest series may prove to be difficult. With that being said, if you are looking for a decent unblocked site for anime without sign up or subscription, Veoh can be a good choice.

How to Access Blocked Anime Sites At School?

Not able to find your favorite anime in any of the above mentioned unblocked sites? We are really sorry about that.

What if you could access the anime website that you are subscribed to? Here I will show you how you can unblock any blocked websites, including anime sites at school.

Use a VPN to Access Blocked Anime Sites

The best way to access blocked sites at school or any other place is by using a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is like a tunnel that hides your internet activity and connects to any website through a remote server.

That means if you try to access an anime platform using a VPN, your school server won’t notice, and you can easily access anime sites without any restriction. You can use Anime to access unblocked movie sites, unblocked music sites, and more.

VPNs are both free and paid. I always suggest going for paid VPN services because they are fast and secure.

Use DNS Apps to Access Blocked Anime Sites

DNS or Domain Name System is the process that lets you connect to a website using its domain name.

Instead of using the default DNS provided by your ISP, you can use custom or third-party DNS to bypass the restriction set by your school.

You can either set third-party DNS manually (can be hard if you are not familiar with the technology), or you can install the DNS app to do that automatically.

Cloudflare DNS

I personally use and suggest the DNS app by Cloudflare. It is fast, free, and secure. Using the DNS app, you can easily access blocked anime websites for free at your school.

Bottom line

There you have it, a complete list of all free anime sites to watch unblocked anime at school. Using these sites, you can find several free anime shows to watch at school.

We have also shared two different methods to access any anime sites for free. Do you have any suggestions for unblocked sites for anime? Do let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Bruhhh I can’t even go on youtube. The best I can do is up my grades and hope i get my computer back smh.

  2. I’ve been using Animelon and but Animelon is super slow and has so many porn pop-ups


  4. BRUH FRR, I was just chillin, and I wanted to watch anime, so I tried to go to to watch my series and it got fucking blocked, I’m so mad but alas, all I can do is try to find a new website. It’s annoying asf

  5. omg IKR like they act like we are gonna watch anime in the middle of the class like they can see our screens so they should unblock it so we can watch it on breaks its not like we can watch anime in the middle of the class😒✌️

  6. i am going crazy mentally physically and verbally what do i need to do to just watch anime like do i need to sell my soul to the devil or sum cause i’m going crazy and i don’t think i can take it much longerrrr🙃✌️✨

  7. maybe try my school has this thing called iboss that blocks everything that is not for school but this website worked for me

  8. try that what i use it hasn’t been blocked yet it has subbed and dubbed

  9. go on anime jacks paradise bc its like a google form n i watch alot of anime on it like heka good stuff but fr i was so mad when they blocked

  10. its sad that i had to google what yt meant. . . anime jack paradise works for me but that’s it ,but anime jack paradise is hella sketchy and doesn’t work very well



  13. bruh. my school blocked every gaming site so we can’t play any games. anyone willing to give their school email and password?

  14. bruh literally every anime and gaming website is blocked for me and if it isn’t blocked its really shady, its not like im gonna do anything during class so whats the point

  15. tubi works it has limited amount of animes but its the only one i know that works at the current moment im watching jojo adventure better than what i thought

  16. yeah im mad im tryna mingle wit my crush so we got sumthing to talk about and this shit dont work

  17. Ikr like whats so wrong about watching anime its not like if we watch anime on the school chromebooks the teachers will die or go to jail like we don’t get to do nothing at school but boring stuff and they think that youtube is better than anime like if they want me to ill just go to 1000 blocked sites like i dont care anymore like what the heck did we do whats so wrong about watching anime.

  18. Is it me or how does my school even have so much patience to block like a million websites on the Chromebook like it’s not like we only 7 years old like we old enough to say bad words and do mature stuff like I ain’t in elementary no more like goddam I can go full-on Karen mode and go to the principal’s office and start asking for the manager or some shit like if they can at least not block one anime site I’d be more satisfied and start ignoring yall cause I’d die to be in the anime world and even if I hate school I’d be obsessed with the school if I was in the anime world because there’s is way much better than this school like if you gonna continue with this school make it like the anime world and stop saying in the announcements after a snow week “I’m sorry we canceled school for a week I understand you guys missed school and come back and you guys better have a smile under that mask because we are back in school and we are here to learn.” like dang who said I missed school like keep school canceled for at least a month or year.

  19. I just go to gogoanime ant it works for me, considering just putting the word anime gets the page blocked so you have to type it together

  20. they literally blocked the word anime to ……………………………………… but ty for the websites even tho they were blocked for me :/ i hope i kinda helped?? idk lol have a good day :p

  21. LOL OMG FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF sorry for spam commentinggeez i didnt know it was uploading it suddenly disappeared 😅😅 oops

  22. blocked littrly every anime site bro i just want to watch attack on titan, and some sites do work above but they dont have attack on titan season 4

  23. anyone have a website that work but anyone have other webesite sthat work plsss tell me

  24. It works for me but I’m looking for a specific anime that most of the websites I’ve tried don’t have, including jacks paradise

  25. Same here, ever since they got these chromebooks they’ve been able to control so much more, I legit can’t even go to settings

  26. Yeah, it works but none of the videos load. They said they were working on it but that’s not done yet and all anime sites are locked down by the school boards. Something is wrong with a lot of these high and mighty school systems tho

  27. bro why is nothing WORKING 😭 legit ab to have a mental breakdown in my fucking math class stg

  28. ♪ Some websites I recommend using! ♪ (newer version of

    These are just a few I know, please reply if you need some more websites. ٩(^‿^)۶

    Hope this helped you!

  29. i can eren to to yt –
    the only site that worker for me is anime jaks ’paradise, but it has very lil anime’s tho

  30. I thought, “oh, it might work!” NOPE! Every. Single. Website i go to is BLOCKED here are all of them, you can try them if you want:
    Soul anime
    Anime planet
    Anime freak
    Anime dao
    123 anime
    Con tv
    Anime frenzy
    Chia anime
    Anime lab
    Anime heaven
    Side reel
    Anime 44
    Amazon prime

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