iOS 13 Touch ID Bug is Affecting Millions of iPhone Users

Apple has a track record of updating older iPhones with the new iOS. This year also the new iOS 13 can be installed on many older iPhones such as iPhone 6 and iPhone SE. If you own an iPhone and haven’t installed the latest iOS 13 on it et, you can follow our guide and install the new iOS 13 on your iPhone. Coming back to this news, iOS 13 has a new bug that is affecting millions of iPhone users who have installed this latest iOS update. This new bug has to do with Apple’s authentication i.e., Face ID and Touch ID. Many third-party apps – mostly banking apps – use Apple’s authentication framework to allow people to log in to their service by using user’s Face ID or Touch ID. Due to this new bug whenever an app requires authentication by Touch ID, instead of showing a touch ID dialogue, a blank screen appears. So far this new bug seems to only affect older iPhones with Touch ID. iPhone that uses Face ID doesn’t seem to have this bug.

According to 9to5Mac reporting, many banking apps such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Barclays, and Santander uses this framework. Other apps such as the popular password management app 1Password also use this quick login feature. So far owners of iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus have been affected by this new bug. The bug was in iOS 13 and then carried to iOS 13.1.1.

How to Fix iOS 13 Touch ID Bug?

As it turned out, the Touch ID prompt is there it is just not visible. That means when you are expected to be greeted with the Touch ID authentication prompt, and instead, a blank screen appears, you can still put your finger on the Touch ID button, and it will work. Apparently, many people are able to make the dialogue prompt visible by shaking their phone. But we couldn’t verify that claim, but you can try that as well.

Another fix would be for those who have not yet updated to iOS 13. You can wait till Apple fixes this error which they will soon.

This error is nothing but an API which is unable to show the prompt box even though the framework itself seems to work just fine. We can expect Apple to fix this bug as soon as possible as it is affecting millions of users. Just know that this bug is only for those apps which are using Apple Touch ID or Face ID authentication. It doesn’t affect your lock and unlocks feature of your iPhone.

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